Social media has dramatically changed the landscape for strategy and how businesses, and influencers engage with folks like you and me. With social media having considerable influence on our purchase decisions and buying behaviour, social media marketing is essential to building your brand and standing out in today’s competitive space.

Here are six tools that can simplify the process for you:

  1. Tweetdeck

If Twitter is your go-to platform for networking, staying on top of tweets and to track the efficacy of your social media marketing efforts, Tweetdeck is definitely worth a try. The platform pairs well Twitter and other tools to up your social media performance.

  1. TrackReddit

As one of the most popular networking websites, Reddit is a gold mine when it comes to media monitoring and social listening. Using TrackReddit, you can measure your marketing success on Reddit by tracking terms that are aligned with your business’ goals and interact with users accordingly.

  1. SproutSocial

This is one of the best tools to converge all your social media mailboxes. What’s more, the platform lets you tag, assign and sort through your entire team’s workflow – helping bring more structure to your business’ social media management. It can streamline and track engagement across all the platforms that have been added to it.

  1. Google Alerts

The search engine giant has a lot to offer. One of the widely used social media tools marketers stick to is the company’s offering on notifications, popularly called Google Alerts. The feature permits a marketer to receive any mentions of relevant topics one is interested in, delivered to their email inbox. The user also has the ability to customize the frequency and optimize their criteria for these results.

  1. Spike

Spike can be a goldmine when it comes to tracking millions of content every day – be it videos, Instagram and Facebook posts, tweets, articles, and much more. A free tool, Spike will enable marketers to look at what’s trending and the many themes that are driving user engagement.

This feature, best coupled with robust search engine optimization, can help you micro-target relevant content for the right audience.

  1. Hootsuite

Ever wondered if the post you wanted published can be scheduled to go out at a specific time, for a specific timezone? Hootsuite helps you do just that, apart from bringing a bunch of other perks with it.  This tool helps you manage all the social media accounts one one single deck, while tracking and scheduling each post. It also comes with add-ons and extensions that will help you with tasks like monitoring content and customizing your dashboard.