There is no getting around the fact that the world has become more digitally-focused as the years have passed. Entire industries have changed their core values to realign and coincide with the modern world. Where education used to be solely on-campus, it is now available both traditionally and online. The healthcare industry has embraced technology and used it to strengthen its data storage systems and medical outlook.

Businesses around the world market digitally now, having realised the scope for consumer impact is much stronger and widespread online. As industries have evolved, so too have the prospective risks involved with having a business. There is a lot of emphasis around protecting stores electronically, but there are still break-ins that should also be actively protected against.

Thankfully, there are multiple effective security measures that can be put in place to protect your business, including security shutters, built-in security systems, and screen door protectors. The security of most shops is quite high, but for some business owners, it pays to know where to start when it comes to ensuring the security of your story.

Start with the locks

The most obvious security measure should always be locks. Even though it seems like common sense to most people, there are some store owners who either have broken locks they have not bothered to get fixed, or they have no locks in place at all. Simply put, a lock is your first defence against break-ins – thieves cannot plunder your store if they cannot get in to begin with.

Locking the entry points to the building is important, but so is locking any exterior property entry points, such as gates or roller doors, for example. Every potential entry point should have a good quality locking mechanism in place. It is a simple fix, and failure to adhere can lead to break-ins that, ultimately, could have been avoided had the property been locked up adequately.

Turn a light on

Burglars tend to be drawn to dark places where, assuming there is a security camera on the premises, it would be difficult to see them and pinpoint definitively who they are, should they be caught. The logic behind makes sense, as does the solution for weeding out thieves as they approach.

For this reason, leaving a light on at the property is a smart, quick solution that will not cost you an arm and a leg to install or keep functioning. The cost of a single light being on every night is miniscule in most locations, and regardless is still worth it for the peace of mind.

Keep valuables offsite or locked in a safe

Obviously, some valuables like desktops and televisions are not able to be moved offsite every day when the store closes, but for things like the money in the cash register and any bank information that can be easily moved, it is highly advisable to either store them in the safe for safe keeping, or move them offsite when you leave for the day.