What used to be just keeping up with current events and consumer likes has been revolutionized by the digital era. The digital age of consumer information is not only beneficial for marketers and advertisers, but it is a great way for news outlets to dissent information to their followers. Essentially, everyone is now a present day journalist. Keeping up with consumer trends is necessary for marketers to understand how to interact with their audiences and direct messages toward them. These types of trends are continually changing, but some recent trends may be the key to digital marketers understanding how to keep consumer interest while maintaining a positive brand recognition. Companies and businesses with a commercial lease agreement can monitor consumer digital behavior behind their own screens by investing in a data analyst to record and present information to the marketing team.

Since social networking is all about updating in real time, it’s important that marketers cultivate a thorough skill set in utilizing live video as a means of communicating with their consumer audience. Some consumers use live video to record events, parades, or special happenings going on around them at that time. For consumers who may have a small business, they tend to utilize live video to communicate what products they are selling. Many multilevel marketing businesses now encourage their employees to utilizing live video as a way of explaining products and interacting potential customers. For some, they use live video as just a way to talk to their followers like a Youtube account. Live video is much more trendy than just recording and uploading videos because not only does it happen in real time, but it also allows the option for other users to interact with the content. They can post or react. The reactions that consumers post may change the direction of conversation from the person posting the video. Often the person posting the live video will read the content streaming in and answer any questions, comments, or concerns that someone has. Businesses aren’t the only ones using online video to gain a trusting follower base, some sites actually post live video of court hearings. Rather than watching C SPAN, audiences may now login to their web browser to view court hearings. Many churches will post live videos of sermons for those unable to attend Sunday morning services. Some orchestras and symphonies will use live video to post their performances. This is beneficial for parents and loved ones that are unable to attend the performance. It’s not just about selling or showing a large event to audiences, it’s about knowing who the audience is and what type of content they want to see. All of these differing ways to use live video can give digital marketers insight on where, when and how to incorporate this tactic into their marketing strategies. Marketers will prove successful in their application and implementation phase of live video if they first foster an thorough understanding of their target audience and the type of consumers they are marketing to.