Education is always a consistent topic in the media and in general. With each passing year, other aspects of life go in and out of focus. Not every industry continuously receives such immense attention, but education is one of the most prominent aspects of most of our lives. As such, it makes all the sense in the world that we are constantly talking about it, forever watching the industry evolve and realign. Today, technological disruption has found its place in education.

Even universities have kick-started fully-integrated websites to bring more traffic – and, hopefully, more enrolments – to their campuses and online course intakes. Now, they do it all, from searching for an accredited search engine optimisation company to help them make the most of their digital impact, to using their websites to brilliantly showcase the latest tech that makes them different from the other universities that students-to-be may be considering.

Technology has found its way into practically every industry in the modern world, but with education the burn has been slower. A sector that was built on the most traditional of foundations, education was not at first accepting of the technological advancements that were being offered to enhance the industry. Technology in education (or, EdTech) has been making waves in recent months. Though the concept has slowly been making its way into the scopes of reality for a few years, it has just recently burst through the ceiling and risen yet again to new peaks.

Capitalising on students’ digital habits

The students of today were born in a world where digitisation has been present in practically every aspect of life. From the way that they communicate to the way they excel in their interests, it seems that technological advancement and digitalisation are ingrained in the modern student. The education sector has noted this digital gravitation, and is bringing in technology to appeal to the modern student.

Making learning more interactive

Digital transformation has been slowly but surely making its way into the education sector for some time now. The current EdTech innovations that are making waves in the education industry include (but are not limited to) the revolutionary movement of the digital classroom, making learning sources digital, and working to make learning more interactive. EdTech is designed to cater to the modern student, and the modern student craves exciting and fun interactions that both work with their digital habits and enhance their learning experiences.

The vision for artificial intelligence in education

Artificial intelligence (AI) is still in its developing stages and thus has not made it into the education sector in any major ways just yet. Even so, the future of AI in education cannot be overstated. Robots that teach classes are in the distant future, but having computer-based tutoring methods driven by AI is an innovation that is perhaps not so far away from becoming a reality. This is just one incredible innovation of EdTech set to revolutionise the education sector, but it is one of the most notable.

Additionally, there is the introduction of a chatbot-based principle on university websites that helps students with queries, freeing up the need for long phone calls waiting to speak to someone, or having to go into campus to get advice. EdTech is based on making education easier, the AI is set to be an extraordinary leap towards making that the reality for students around the world.