With each passing year, the new technological and digital innovations of the time propel us further into a digitally-enhanced future. In 2018, the big innovations were augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) enhancement, as well as increasing dependency on the Internet of Things and Fintech. Just a few examples of tech upping its game in 2018, these incredible tech innovations have done their part to enhance human life.

Every year, just when it seems that the previous technological innovations cannot possibly be topped, they somehow are. Technology is evolving at such an increasingly rapid pace that there is something new on the horizon practically every day. This is an incredibly exciting realisation, and it is one that continues to foster excitement and impatience.

Excitement, at the idea of all that is possible – particularly when it seemed for a minute like the peak had passed. And impatience because, as tech continues to evolve beyond expectations, we become more accustomed to constant innovation, and we begin to yearn for it more and more often. We are a greedy species, and technology’s rapid pace of development indulges the greedy part of us all.

When the concept of wireless surround sound was first introduced, it was alien to most – something that, contrary to expectation, only made it even more exciting. As we head definitively into the next year, technology steps it up (again). Every time it seems that technological advancement has gone about as far as it can go, along comes another evolution that drives the ideal further and higher again.

Looking around, it is impossible not to notice the monumental impact that advancements in tech and digitalisation have had on modern society. We are more connected than ever. We have easier access to fast transport on land, across oceans, and through the skies. We are developing life-changing and even life-saving treatments and cures for various diseases. We are more socially aware and actively campaigning for change than we have ever been.

Technology has had an active hand in all these evolutions in humanity’s reach on Earth. Without tech and digital enhancement, we would have no electricity. Houses and high rises would be more difficult to make and would take longer to construct. Now, as we are practically surrounded by tech and digital enhancement, you might think that the peak has surely come.

This is not so. In fact, if anything, technology is stepping it up and taking things two levels up. 2019 is set to be the year of enhanced connection and speed. From the introduction of widespread AR in retail and real estate, to the continued improvements to the semi-autonomous vehicle, the potential for tech going into the new year is limitless. What an exciting time to be alive.

With the upcoming innovations and introductions to the market on behalf of technological enhancement, the best is yet to come. With seemingly constant innovations, it certainly seems that we are not bound for a slowdown in technological advancement any time soon. If anything, tech is stepping it up and elevating the field – again.