Technology has a way of coming in and totally changing entire industries, even the whole world with a seemingly simple innovation. Where there is technology, there is nearly always (if not without fail) also a reactive measure to protect that technology. The downfall of security technology, for example, is that for the most part it is brought in as a reactive security measure. This is an issue because, by the time security technology is activated, the problem it is designed to solve has already caused damaged.

Security technology is utilised to protect systems and operations from attacks, including (but not limited to) a ransomware virus, spam, or even identity fraud. The severity of the risk to security does not matter, what really matters and what should be top priority is developing the technologies to keep all systems secure before an issue arises that puts you in danger. This reactive method is not the strongest nor is it the smartest protective measure we could be implementing, and we should be striving towards proactive security measures for all technologies.

They say that it is not a matter of if you will become the victim of an online attack, but when. This could not be truer. Technological advancement has given rise to many wonderful innovations, but it has also seen the inevitable increase of risks and potential attacks to those technologies. When developing new technologies, what unfortunately often occurs is that security measures are pushed to the side in favour of development and innovation. Development and innovation are important, it is true, but neither of these processes can be entirely effective if they are not given the defensive protections to keep them thriving.

This is an issue because, more than ever, developing and advancing new technologies can no longer simply be about making the best product or system on the market. These days, it must be about creating that product or system that can stand on its own and without concern of security breaches. The technology we are implementing these days is more advanced than anything we have previously dealt with and brought to the table. Because we are so used to technological growth, we do not pay nearly enough attention, nor do we notice it all.

The type of technological reach we are dealing with currently is essentially a comprehensive network of incredible accomplishments that have stemmed from the desire to create stronger, better, and faster technologies. We now exist in this era of technologically-driven society, and it is our responsibility to ensure that this era is as secure as possible – and not just when it has already been threatened, but before the threat becomes a reality.

As we become ever more dependent on the technologies that we have become so familiar with, we are driven closer to the realisation that simply creating solutions bring new risks that come hand in hand with those technologies and we must consciously be searching for protection actions before there is a need for them.