No matter which industry one works in, there is no escaping the fact that the entire world has been dramatically shifted by the speedy rise of technological advancement and digitalisation. Everywhere we look, there have been innovations that have been implemented to make modern life easier, faster, and more efficient. This is an era that is incomparable to any that have come before it, and as such it has caused a sense of excitement and unease at the unfamiliarity of it all.

Technology has had significant impact in the advertising industry, particularly in the last few years. This is an industry that thrives on the most popular efforts of communication with consumers and brand exposure and reputation. While customer services focus on aspects of consumer engagement and relationships, like Help Desk software and twenty-four-hour customer support, the primary focus of advertising of any business is to drive awareness and increase consumer intake. Consumers today drive most – if not all – of a brand or company’s advertising and marketing efforts.

Realistically, there is not a single company that thrives today that can ignore that kind of grasp and survive. Technology has made advertising easier than ever, and any company that refuses to make use of that newfound advertising genius is one that is not likely to last much longer. Technology continues to elevate modern advertising. Every year, there are new innovations. In 2018, and going into 2019, these are the three that have made – and are expected to continue to make – the most impact.

Personalised advertising

Technological innovations like digitalisation have continuously proven their value, and they are very likely to continue doing so. One of the most genius strokes of technological advancement for advertising has been the rise of personalised advertising. Brands use various methods to keep track of what everyone who visits their site is interested in, and they then use that information to target individuals with personalised ads.

These ads pop up on social media, through email marketing, and even through general internet utilisation. Personalised advertising creates a magical talent of being able to give each and every prospective and existing consumer the chance to take advantage of the best deals on the items they love, and products that are similar.

Social media advertising

Technological advancement at its finest, social media advertising is the single most innovative way to draw in business from the masses. At the core of it, social media is essentially any advertising or marketing efforts that roll out via social media platforms. This includes sponsored ads that disrupt the newsfeed flow, as well as story advertising and social media posts to a company’s profile page.

In short, social media advertising is so effective because the modern consumer spends so much of their time on social media. It only makes sense, then, that connectivity networks have become a valuable advertising outlet for brands around the world. If the modern consumer wants ease to shop, then social media is the epitome of that sense of ease.