When it comes to any kind of business in this modern era, marketing is key. Not only key, but the sole driving growth strategy that can elevate a business tenfold. Literally every business should be making use of marketing today. Modern-day society demands more attention to detail than ever before. With so many shifting ideals and outsets surrounding us at so many pivotal points in life, there is next to no reason to be anything but welcoming of marketing into the inner workings of any business. Why? Because every business has an audience, and that audience is more active when they are included. Marketing is an inclusive strategy.

Business is a tricky aspect of life to navigate sometimes. There are so many twists and turns that it can be difficult to know where to even begin levelling out the core business strategy. Whether you are in the business of off-market property, or a part of the thriving fashion industry, marketing should be an integral part of your business strategy. In saying this, there are certain marketing strategies that have more scope for impact than others, and some of them are not as obvious as you might think. All marketing strategies have their place, but there are three that are increasingly becoming the core of modern marketing.

Content marketing is the dark horse

Some marketing tactics rise out of the darkness out of nowhere. Content marketing is one of them. While past years in marketing have shown an inherent focus on the outreach of marketing strategies to consumers, content marketing focuses on the internal connections. In creating top quality, informative content, businesses can increase their brand’s reputation, experience, and industry knowledge tenfold. Additionally, consumers love to know that the brands they are giving their business to are paying attention to what they want and what is important in the industry. If a consumer is buying from you, they expect you to understand what it is your business is in the industry of.

Chatbot utilisation is stepping it up

Chatbots are nothing new to the industry, but they are stepping it up. While chat bot communication and implementation has been used by businesses for online communication efforts for a while now, it has been limited – to say the least. Going into 2019, however, chat bot utilisation is going to be more personalised, more intelligent, and more helpful. Currently, consumers find chatbots a little glitchy and unresponsive, but that is all about to change, as more investment and attention than ever is being laid into their development.

Personalisation is key to marketing

Every business model has an aim. The aim of marketing is to create as close to the ultimate personalised strategy as possible. Consumers want to feel heard, valued, and listened to. The way to do that is to work towards personalised marketing. This includes using the browser history of users to establish other products, services, or details of interest. When consumers feel like businesses understand their needs, they are more inclined to continue the consumer relationship with them.