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Strategize like a digital marketer, think like a consumer


SEO (search engine optimization) is a newer term coined by the digital marketing industry. Those in the innovative field of media may have heard it in passing from colleagues or by those in the digital marketing department, but only the experts truly understand how to use to their advantage whether it is for company or client benefit. The purpose of utilizing proper SEO strategies is to gain the highest amount of recognition by internet users when they are searching for a certain product, service, or company. For example, if a digital consumer types “local psychologists” into the search bar, sponsored sites will show up first. A sponsored site is a website that has paid a certain amount of money to have their site advertised at the top of search lists. Following the sponsored links will be the searches that internet consumers most frequently click on or have the highest driven daily web traffic. Depending on what the consumer searches will depend on what first pops up after the organic search.

All websites yearn to have their site pop up at the top of the search page, yet getting to this point without paying a large portion of a digital marketing budget can be a task in itself. One important strategy to utilize when trying to gain consumer attention is to first think like a consumer. Not everyone is a digital marketer, but everyone is a consumer. That means digital marketers must learn to think like consumers when developing their SEO strategies as it will help them understand more from the consumer mind about what type of searches they may be doing.

A quick and easy way to test the consumer thinking strategy is for digital marketing teams to first do an organic search on the product or service one is trying to market. Research a list of buzzwords associated with the contents of the website and begin by typing each word into the search bar and record the results. Then start using the words in phrases that consumers might use to search a product or service that would relate to the product. This type of self check can only be tested after thorough consumer market research. By conducting focus groups and surveys asking consumers about positive and recognizable words associated with a website or brand, they can get a deeper understanding of how to get a nearly perfect SEO blueprint.

If a self check proves that a website is continually underscoring at the top of search pages, it may be time for a company to do a website audit from links to the verbiage in the written about me section. By tweaking certain aspects of the website, companies are able to create better SEO strategies that will ultimately lead consumers to clicking on their site. In an internet world saturated by other digital media, it can be difficult to find ways to make it to the top. With proper research and understanding of SEO strategies, any company can find their way to the top of a search page.

Social media influencers taking over the world and how to join them


There is no shortage of influencers online, whether it be via social media channels like Instagram influencers, video influencers on YouTube, or blogging influencers. The problem with there being so many is that you are constantly fighting to grow your audience.

Luckily there are a few awesome top tips any influencer can employ to maximize traffic for growth and success. Let’s dive in!

1. Get Your On-Page SEO On

Yes, we are going to talk about search engine optimization, or SEO, but it won’t be as painful as other SEO content loaded with confusing screenshots and an absurd number of acronyms. On-page SEO is actually pretty simple if you know what to look for, and follow a few simple optimization rules.

If you are an influencer that mainly writes blogs and shares them on social, like me, than you know how important keywords are. This is the first optimization tactic you need to use. Find keywords in your niche and use them in your posts, especially in the title, section headers, and the first 100 words of your post.

Next is website speed and page load time. These speed metrics are important, because Google thinks they are. That’s pretty much all the convincing you should need. If you want to rank higher online and boost your site’s traffic, look at your speed using any speed test, for instance. These are important SEO tips to follow.

2. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

You are probably wondering what a content delivery network, or CDN is. It is actually not as intimidating as it sounds and if used right, can increase traffic and your influencer following. What is a CDN? A CDN allows you to launch new content across a network of servers in order to reach a larger audience around the world faster.

When using CDN with WordPress you can get your images out to the masses faster as well. This is awesome for us influencers who absolutely love taking pics and posting them on all our online channels. Using a content delivery network also speeds up your website, adding to the above SEO tip too.

3. Make Better Use Of Hashtags

Hashtags are the ammunition many influencers use to increase their online visibility within social media marketing. However, if you want to grow traffic to your influencer website, you should really start paying closer attention to the hashtags you are using.

This may not directly correlate to your website, but the hashtags you use via social are probably netting followers and thus driving more of those new followers to check out your website too.

The thing about hashtags is that they can be deceiving at times. To keep your hashtag game up, start by watching the hashtags that are trending with increasing trend over time. You can use a free online hashtag tool to get some inspiration.

4. Set Up An Email Marketing Plan

What is better than marketing to increase traffic to your influencer website? Since you want to keep your following intact in a world overrun with influencers, email marketing can do just that, and it is super easy.

So you have done on-page SEO, have set up a CDN to reach a larger audience faster, and you are killing it with your hashtag game. What’s next? Increasing your overall customer lifetime value by keeping your audience informed and wanting more and more of your amazing content.

First, set up a lead capture box on your website. You have probably noticed the one on this site. The goal is to not make it crazy, because no one likes a stalker. Just keep it short and natural to get the most subscribers. After that, set up an email marketing schedule and create awesome emails to send. You can use sites, like MailChimp for that.

Lastly, send out useful content that will resonate with your audience. You are an influencer for a reason, and people want to hear from you. However, if you spam them or don’t give up great content, they will leave you. So keep it lively when doing email marketing.

In Conclusion . . .

There are definitely a lot of ways to improve the amount of visitors you get to your influencer website. The above should get you off to a good start. The key is to use multiple channels to attract and compel people to follow you, whether on social or via your website subscriber list. What is your top influencer strategy for growing your audience?

From light duty to heavy duty


Try fitting a family of more than five people (plus luggage) in a hatchback or sedan and suddenly that truck your uncle Marty rolls around in doesn’t seem that bad anymore.

The wonderful world of trucks is vast and features a wide range of vehicles with different capacities, specs and abilities. Light-duty trucks are great for large families with loads of bags or shopping. They can even be used by businesses that do not have payloads that are too heavy.

Although medium-duty trucks are not as well-built for heavier cargo as heavy-duty trucks are, they are still much more capable of dealing with heavy cargo than light-duty trucks, hence their common use as commercial vehicles.

Heavy-duty trucks are largely used in an operational capacity for construction and for the transportation of cargo that neither a medium nor light truck would be able to deal with in one go. They enhance efficiency and optimize processes in industries where time translates to money.

Whether for work or leisure purposes, the importance of the humble truck should be recognized. These sturdy champs continue to play a vital role in everything from the transportation of goods to the development of land and more. Even when you’re ready to move on, you can send them for old car removal.

Pickup trucks

Compared to SUVs and minivans, pickup trucks tend to display more ability when it comes to carrying, hauling and towing cargo. The open cargo area is great for easy access, especially for large items that wouldn’t normally be able to fit inside a regular vehicle and because this cargo area is separated from the body of the truck, you can safely pile on a reasonable amount of pressure without causing damage.

SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles)

With their large, heavy build, tall seating and fuel efficiency (depending on the model), SUVs can tow over 2500 pounds and provide enough room for five passengers, with some SUVs even offering third-row seating. SUVs with an all-wheel or four-wheel drive option are capable of being taken off-road and can get around in the snow just fine.


They are primarily associated with soccer moms and with good reason too. The minivan is an extremely reliable vehicle and is great for easily transporting people and their luggage. Most minivans offer third rows that can be hidden for extra cargo space and the sliding doors make it easy to move in and out as well as between the rows.


Businesses small and large use vans every day to fulfil their needs. These include transporting items or people/workers and vans can even be used for business travels. For slightly larger families, having a van handy can be a great idea, especially when it comes to those family outings.

Recreational vehicles (RV)

Equipped with a living space and amenities and many of the facilities that you’d find at home, RVs have been featured prominently in hit TV shows like ‘The Walking Dead’.

Garbage trucks

These have been specially designed to collect and haul waste to a waste treatment facility. Garbage trucks ensure a healthy and clean living environment (especially when they are covered).

Concrete transport trucks

Concrete transport trucks or concrete mixers (as the name implies) are involved with mixing concrete during transportation to a construction site. The vehicle maintains the material’s liquid state through a process called ‘agitation’ which involves turning the drum until delivery.

IT a rising career choice in future workforce


IT (information technology) has gifted the world with many great innovations in its time. Today, we know IT as the largest wealth of information and technological data in all the world. It was not always like this. Like all great discoveries and feats of human intelligence, IT had to make its way through the inevitable challenges and mistakes to make it through to the point it now exists on. These days, not only is IT thriving as an integral industry in modern society, but as a valuable career option. Individuals with interest in the field can get jobs doing anything, from setting up NBN plans for homes and offices, to running the code behind a particular company’s empire – or even an entire industry. In IT, we experience what it means to be protected and comfortable in modern society – and we experience most of it without having any idea it is happening around us, most of the time.

The world is ripe with viable career opportunities in IT. With a prominent role in the future, that role focuses on technological developments that expand both across the planet and in the skies around Earth. The innovations we have seen in IT have given us personalisation, security, privacy, and freedom (among other great revelations). It should come as no surprise that the appeal in joining an industry that has so much budding power in this changing world is stronger than ever – and the interest has peaked at the opportune time. Because the world is relying on technological advancement and certain digitalisation more than ever, IT has shifted into focus as an upcoming front runner in career choices over the next few years and into the future as well.

IT is just beginning its reign of what will likely be a very successful exploration of technology and information learning. Having spent the last few years blossoming into the exciting career field that it has come to be, IT has so much to offer career-ready individuals with passion in software, data science, security, or computer systems (among many other avenues). This is an industry that is responsible for keeping much of recent and present-day society running so smoothly. It is also the industry that is likely to have more and more of a global impact in the coming ages as well. Because of this, there has never been a better time to join the ranks of the talented individuals who keep this industry flourishing and thriving.

In short, IT essentially allows for the rapid circulation of information through [ideally] supportive and safe channels, for all. Of course, as with any great innovation, there are those moments when IT experiences its missteps. This is exactly why a career in IT is so important to modern (and future) society on a global level. Without the consistent protection and ongoing efforts to keep things as secure and smooth as possible, chaos would inevitably ensue, and things would become difficult to control sooner than one might think. There has never been a better time to kick-start a career in IT.

Understanding employee trust


When it comes to creating a successful company, as an employer, you know how important it is to build a skilled, trustworthy, and cohesive team. The employees are not only representing your company but they’re essentially keeping it afloat. With that being said, if you’ve formed the right team, your company can reach unimaginable heights. But how do you create that team? When it comes to the hiring process, you don’t really know the person who’s sitting across your desk. But there are things you can do in order to have a well-rounded idea of the candidate you’re interviewing. But, it’s going to take a little more than just scanning through their CV.  

Pay attention to the characteristics

To select a truly trustworthy employee, you need to truly understand the competencies of a trustworthy employee. There are a couple of characteristics which you need to keep in mind when you’re hiring a new employee. First of all, they must be competent and have the skills necessary for the position. However, beyond that, they also need to be honest, transparent, capable, committed and fit the culture of your company. These are traits which all trustworthy employees contain.

Follow-up on the references

References are there for a reason. They are usually the contact information of reliable and professional individuals that have worked or trained the candidate. In other words, they have a fairly in-depth understanding of the candidate’s work habits and behavior in a professional setting. Typically speaking, these references usually confirm the candidate’s trust and capabilities. But a good reference will be truthful and let you know about their weaknesses as well.

Personality Tests

One method big companies use in order to weed out dishonest job applications is through the use of psychometric assessments. Naturally, the references given by the applicant are usually in their favor and limit or leave out negative information about the candidates which can greatly affect your hiring decisions. Psychometric tests are used in order to evaluate an individual’s’ mental strengths and behavioral patterns. These tests, such as employee integrity tests, measure the candidate’s compatibility for the desired position.

Follow your intuition

When you’re interviewing someone for a position, aside from looking at the desired characteristics, you also have intuition that is the gut feeling which helps you decide whether someone is genuine or not. It’s easy to ignore the little voice in the back of our heads, however, that’s the voice that either confirms or rejects the information about the interviewee.

Combine your given information

You have a handful of information from the candidate, from their references and from the psychometric assessment. It’s your job to take all the information and put it together in order to see a full and accurate view of the candidate. All this information will give you both the good and bad, leaving you with a better understanding of who’s in front of you. From there, it’s your responsibility to determine whether or not this individual is ideal for the position.

Talent and skills testing is the new face-to-face interview


Back in the day, the general recruitment process consisted of prospective employers asking for a resume, references, and possibly a portfolio when reviewing your application. The entire recruitment process was centred around firstly, how candidates look on paper, and secondly, how they can fit into the workplace of that specific job. These days, however, psychometric tests are the new CV. Undertaking these assessments can provide individuals with insight into areas that they must focus on more, as well as strengthening the skills that they are already have a proficiency for.

It is easy enough to assume that you have a strong sense of your skills and natural abilities, but it is another thing entirely to be able to execute them well enough to turn them into the foundations for a career. A university qualification does show potential employers that you are able to commit to the job and learn a course or skill, but the qualification is not a solid indication of how successful you will be in any given role at any given company. For this reason, employers have begun using other methods – like these talent and skills tests – to determine how prospective employers can learn about you and understand what you can bring to the table, as well as what they can offer you.

Skills tests have come a long way from their inception, with even titans of industry using them as part of their ongoing recruitment processes. This is especially true for graduates. When there are so many prospective candidates coming out of the same universities and colleges with the same credentials, it can be difficult to figure out which of them fit in with a company the best. Aptitude tests help companies to sift through the countless applications and find out which of the candidates suits the company culture and values the best, and who will contribute the most to the company overall.

These tests are used as a critical part of the standard modern recruitment process to determine an applicant’s ability to problem solve, reason, write coherently, and get along well and coexist with other individuals. While each of these traits is valuable in different ways, they each work in alignment with the traditional interview styles to forge a structured recruitment process that actively sorts through applicants in the most efficient way possible, allowing for the best outcome possible for both the companies hiring and those that are welcomed into said companies.

Established and trailed efficiency testing can be a valuable tool for anyone in the career field. Whether you are a recent graduate or a personal experienced in their field, these kinds of aptitude tests not only help individuals get jobs, but help them to excel and improve at them once they have them. Proficiency testing is relatively new, but it is quickly gaining traction as an invaluable recruitment tool for employers and an important talent and skill tester for candidates to have going into the recruitment process for any given position. Aptitude testing is the future of recruitment, and that future has been innovative even in its initial stages.

How Learning Agility Is Core Skill In Dynamically Evolving Workspaces


Workspaces are changing a lot. Leading a project might not necessarily make you a leader. One of the most important skills that are emerging in the fields of leadership is “learning agility”. This has become a very important skill and depends on how quickly one can change themselves in challenging situations and learn from it. Research has found that the most common problem in the downfall of a leadership is failing to adapt to new changes. When a leader lacks learning agility, he hits a plateau. This can be a huge setback for the organization too and it can even cost them a fortune. Hence it has become imperative for organizations to find out potential leaders who have learning agility.

What is learning agility?

Learning agility is the ability to learn from unknown experiences and reapply the lessons learnt in other contexts too. The cut-throat world of business today needs leaders who can not just lead well, but can adjust to new things and learn quickly. The ability to adapt to changes and learn new lessons from it is known as “learning agility”. Experts claim that having learning agility is the single most important trait for a leader to have, as it can be ranked above intelligence and education. Relying on intelligence and education has only made executives stagnant. They sort of get complacent with their company’s position. They often fail at relationships, stop learning new things and are blind to their own faults.

How can it be measured?

Learning agility can be measured via five key dimensions. Here are they:

  • Mental Agility is the ability to work with complex problems.
  • People Agility is the ability to work with all kinds of people.
  • Change Agility is the ability to experiment and not be afraid to lead from the front.
  • Results Agility is the ability to deliver results for in situations that have not appeared before.
  • Self-Awareness is the ability to identify their own strengths and weaknesses.

Based on these dimensions there are tests to find people who have learning agility. These tests can vary from Learning Agility Indicator that finds out someone’s ability to explore, examine or imagine. Learning Agility Simulation, is another way to test a person for it. In this test, simulated exercises are created which are to be completed by the examinee.

Learning Agility Is No More An Option

The complex world of business no longer runs on sheer intelligence or high-profile professional degrees. It is an ever-changing world and those who do not adapt to the new ways, will surely hit a dead-end. Developing new leaders is a highly challenging task for organizations today. Using assessments that measure learning agility can help recognize potential leaders. It is not an option, but a necessary condition in today’s work environment.

One of the most potent and motivating quotation of today’s world happens to be Steve Jobs’ Stay hungry Stay Foolish. Nothing explains learning agility better than this quote.

Breaking into EdTech

download (5).jpeg
EdTech is the latest revolution in technological advancement to infiltrate the education industry, and it is the biggest and best yet as well. From online submissions and online examination software, to forging entirely digital learning processes like online lectures and tutorials, EdTech has disrupted one of the most important industries far beyond expectation. In what has felt like little to no time, EdTech has given the education industry a revolutionary regeneration that has sculpted the future of education.
EdTech is a virtual goldmine all around the world, and so it is not at all surprising that it has attracted the attention of countless entrepreneurs eager to dip their toes in new and exciting business opportunities. Because of its vast popularity among entrepreneurs, investors, and the education industry itself, EdTech is becoming more and more difficult a business to successfully break into. However, there are a few key tips that are the perfect stepping stones to entrepreneurial success in EdTech.
1. Do your homework
This seems like the most obvious thing in the world to some, but when you have a great idea it is easy to get excited and forget about doing your research. This applies not only to the market, but to the prospective audience and the necessity for whatever it is you are pitching.
Too often, eager entrepreneurs dive head first into an idea without genuinely thinking it through to begin with. EdTech is not a business you want to make this mistake in. Before investing and spending any money on this big idea, spend your time evaluating its potential value, the necessity for something like it in the market, and how it can assist the prospective buyers (the teachers, in this case). Preparation is your best friend.
2. Ensure your product serves a genuine purpose
Ensure your product has genuine purpose before investing any money into marketing, prototypes, or the like. A great idea is all well and good, but that same great idea is nothing without a purpose to work towards.
The best thing you can do for your product (and for the EdTech consumer market), is to take a step back, go into the field and have genuine, real-time conversations getting to know the individuals you want to cater your product towards. Get a feel for how they receive such an idea, and use that feedback to strengthen your resolve and your business plan going forward.
3.     Create an assister, not a replacer
Educators do not want to invest in any products or programs that are designed to eliminate part or all their job. Do not make the mistake of investing your money and time in developing and marketing a product that is designed to replace something that a teacher does.
For example, do not try to pitch a programme that will research, code, write, and print assessment outlines for the teacher. This is part of the teacher’s job – and an important one at that. Instead, try pitching and programming a system that randomises question order or categorises research for the educator to use. Pitches like this aim only to assist them in doing their job, not doing their job for them.

Why and How is Artificial Intelligence Improving the US Immigration Process?


Immigration and machine learning seem like two completely different segmented topics, but they are able to go hand-in-hand as society progresses. There are companies that are taking the reign on the developments that artificial intelligence can bring to the US immigration process.

Why We Need A New Immigration System

With tech advancing, most industries are changing for the better. We can do everything quicker such as: apply for jobs, travel, rent a car, order food etc. The immigration system still has some dated practices that makes the industry crave machine learning improvements that automate the complicated system.

The Length of the US Immigration Process Will be Quicker

Technology works towards automating every step of the process so that it goes as smoothly as possible, such as processing an esta USA online. Because they use such a refined type of technology, this makes the process more thorough and safe, but faster. They help immigrants every step along the way towards U.S. citizenship with their safe and user-friendly automated process.

Technology Does More than Just Immigration

Certain companies offers an add-on immigration software that allows employers to double the candidate pool and access international talent that had to have been turned away previously. This opens the doors to hiring for employers and employees around the world.

This inclusive software will make applicants feel encouraged. When the job application asks if the applicant is a citizen and they click “no,” they go directly to an automated Visa screening. Technology like this is what the development of the world needs to see. There are inclusive B2B processes which are making leaps and bounds in the realm of inclusion and technology.

The Expense of Immigration Can Be Lessened With Artificial Intelligence

Immigration can be quite costly, which leads people to be discouraged from becoming citizens and applying to go through the process. Many of these immigration companies want US immigrants to succeed throughout the process by making it as automated, user-friendly and inexpensive as possible. Future potential citizens may be driven away by the cost and time it takes to go through the immigration process. This is an issue that humans have faced for years. This is why there is a need for companies to incorporate machine learning into these kinds of transactions.

A future with artificial intelligence is something we should embrace in every industry that we can. The future will hold inclusion and cost-friendly processes with the much-needed automation that this industry is bringing. Such companies are embracing the technology that can make the world a better place for citizens and future immigrants.  

Technology brings revolutionary new workforce to vivid life


Technology has completely revolutionised many industries, and all of them have been better and stronger for it. Technology has elevated the healthcare and education industries, bringing widespread and large-scale digitalisation to the sectors. Artists and authors have a grip on tech-savvy tools that make it easier to create and/or share their work. The automotive industry and security landscape have been fundamentally changed by technology in profoundly positive ways. The marketplace is now increasingly more based online. And now, the workforce is one of the most profound sectors to be fundamentally changed by the wake of technological advancement.

The workforce has been an interesting thing to consider over the years. Prior to the rise of global technological innovation, the workforce was very much geographically exclusive. Individuals could do jobs only in the areas they lived in, save for individuals whose jobs were based on travelling, like pilots or armed forces. What this meant is that individuals would spend the majority of their year working, and then their limited holidays travelling when they had the time and the money to do so. These days, thanks to the rise of technology, career-driven individuals the world over are being introduced to variations of the remote workers guide – and they are loving it.

Technological advancement is responsible for the rise of the remote workforce. In short, the remote workforce is essentially an [expanding] global network of companies that allow their employees to work from anywhere in the world. The system is largely based on trust and professional merit, and it is fast gaining traction as the type of career lifestyle that individuals the world over crave. And why wouldn’t they? As long as the person has a Wifi connection and a device to work from, coupled with a passion and drive for their work and a willingness to maintain the digital nomad lifestyle, they can travel the world – often saving more money than they would living in their native country (Southeast Asia and areas of the UK are marked as being cost-effective destinations) and being able to see the world in the process.

The rise of the remote workforce is a technological revolution that has had astonishing impact even in the relatively little time that it has been a reality. More and more companies are realising the benefits of the remote workplace concept. For their employees, it greatly increases their quality of life, and for them, they can pick from a global pool of talent, making their business stronger for it. Technology gave us the internet, and the internet and its rapidly expanding reaches and global speeds has given us the opportunity to create a workforce that is global and ever-changing.

This is incredibly positive, and it is something that have proven its value time and again. People want to travel. They want to build amazing careers. And they do not want to have to juggle between the two goals so haphazardly anymore. The remote workforce is not for everyone, it is true, but for those that it does appeal to, it creates a unique balance of quality of life and professional success that is life-changing.

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