When it comes to creating a successful company, as an employer, you know how important it is to build a skilled, trustworthy, and cohesive team. The employees are not only representing your company but they’re essentially keeping it afloat. With that being said, if you’ve formed the right team, your company can reach unimaginable heights. But how do you create that team? When it comes to the hiring process, you don’t really know the person who’s sitting across your desk. But there are things you can do in order to have a well-rounded idea of the candidate you’re interviewing. But, it’s going to take a little more than just scanning through their CV.  

Pay attention to the characteristics

To select a truly trustworthy employee, you need to truly understand the competencies of a trustworthy employee. There are a couple of characteristics which you need to keep in mind when you’re hiring a new employee. First of all, they must be competent and have the skills necessary for the position. However, beyond that, they also need to be honest, transparent, capable, committed and fit the culture of your company. These are traits which all trustworthy employees contain.

Follow-up on the references

References are there for a reason. They are usually the contact information of reliable and professional individuals that have worked or trained the candidate. In other words, they have a fairly in-depth understanding of the candidate’s work habits and behavior in a professional setting. Typically speaking, these references usually confirm the candidate’s trust and capabilities. But a good reference will be truthful and let you know about their weaknesses as well.

Personality Tests

One method big companies use in order to weed out dishonest job applications is through the use of psychometric assessments. Naturally, the references given by the applicant are usually in their favor and limit or leave out negative information about the candidates which can greatly affect your hiring decisions. Psychometric tests are used in order to evaluate an individual’s’ mental strengths and behavioral patterns. These tests, such as employee integrity tests, measure the candidate’s compatibility for the desired position.

Follow your intuition

When you’re interviewing someone for a position, aside from looking at the desired characteristics, you also have intuition that is the gut feeling which helps you decide whether someone is genuine or not. It’s easy to ignore the little voice in the back of our heads, however, that’s the voice that either confirms or rejects the information about the interviewee.

Combine your given information

You have a handful of information from the candidate, from their references and from the psychometric assessment. It’s your job to take all the information and put it together in order to see a full and accurate view of the candidate. All this information will give you both the good and bad, leaving you with a better understanding of who’s in front of you. From there, it’s your responsibility to determine whether or not this individual is ideal for the position.