Try fitting a family of more than five people (plus luggage) in a hatchback or sedan and suddenly that truck your uncle Marty rolls around in doesn’t seem that bad anymore.

The wonderful world of trucks is vast and features a wide range of vehicles with different capacities, specs and abilities. Light-duty trucks are great for large families with loads of bags or shopping. They can even be used by businesses that do not have payloads that are too heavy.

Although medium-duty trucks are not as well-built for heavier cargo as heavy-duty trucks are, they are still much more capable of dealing with heavy cargo than light-duty trucks, hence their common use as commercial vehicles.

Heavy-duty trucks are largely used in an operational capacity for construction and for the transportation of cargo that neither a medium nor light truck would be able to deal with in one go. They enhance efficiency and optimize processes in industries where time translates to money.

Whether for work or leisure purposes, the importance of the humble truck should be recognized. These sturdy champs continue to play a vital role in everything from the transportation of goods to the development of land and more. Even when you’re ready to move on, you can send them for old car removal.

Pickup trucks

Compared to SUVs and minivans, pickup trucks tend to display more ability when it comes to carrying, hauling and towing cargo. The open cargo area is great for easy access, especially for large items that wouldn’t normally be able to fit inside a regular vehicle and because this cargo area is separated from the body of the truck, you can safely pile on a reasonable amount of pressure without causing damage.

SUVs (Sport Utility Vehicles)

With their large, heavy build, tall seating and fuel efficiency (depending on the model), SUVs can tow over 2500 pounds and provide enough room for five passengers, with some SUVs even offering third-row seating. SUVs with an all-wheel or four-wheel drive option are capable of being taken off-road and can get around in the snow just fine.


They are primarily associated with soccer moms and with good reason too. The minivan is an extremely reliable vehicle and is great for easily transporting people and their luggage. Most minivans offer third rows that can be hidden for extra cargo space and the sliding doors make it easy to move in and out as well as between the rows.


Businesses small and large use vans every day to fulfil their needs. These include transporting items or people/workers and vans can even be used for business travels. For slightly larger families, having a van handy can be a great idea, especially when it comes to those family outings.

Recreational vehicles (RV)

Equipped with a living space and amenities and many of the facilities that you’d find at home, RVs have been featured prominently in hit TV shows like ‘The Walking Dead’.

Garbage trucks

These have been specially designed to collect and haul waste to a waste treatment facility. Garbage trucks ensure a healthy and clean living environment (especially when they are covered).

Concrete transport trucks

Concrete transport trucks or concrete mixers (as the name implies) are involved with mixing concrete during transportation to a construction site. The vehicle maintains the material’s liquid state through a process called ‘agitation’ which involves turning the drum until delivery.