SEO (search engine optimization) is a newer term coined by the digital marketing industry. Those in the innovative field of media may have heard it in passing from colleagues or by those in the digital marketing department, but only the experts truly understand how to use to their advantage whether it is for company or client benefit. The purpose of utilizing proper SEO strategies is to gain the highest amount of recognition by internet users when they are searching for a certain product, service, or company. For example, if a digital consumer types “local psychologists” into the search bar, sponsored sites will show up first. A sponsored site is a website that has paid a certain amount of money to have their site advertised at the top of search lists. Following the sponsored links will be the searches that internet consumers most frequently click on or have the highest driven daily web traffic. Depending on what the consumer searches will depend on what first pops up after the organic search.

All websites yearn to have their site pop up at the top of the search page, yet getting to this point without paying a large portion of a digital marketing budget can be a task in itself. One important strategy to utilize when trying to gain consumer attention is to first think like a consumer. Not everyone is a digital marketer, but everyone is a consumer. That means digital marketers must learn to think like consumers when developing their SEO strategies as it will help them understand more from the consumer mind about what type of searches they may be doing.

A quick and easy way to test the consumer thinking strategy is for digital marketing teams to first do an organic search on the product or service one is trying to market. Research a list of buzzwords associated with the contents of the website and begin by typing each word into the search bar and record the results. Then start using the words in phrases that consumers might use to search a product or service that would relate to the product. This type of self check can only be tested after thorough consumer market research. By conducting focus groups and surveys asking consumers about positive and recognizable words associated with a website or brand, they can get a deeper understanding of how to get a nearly perfect SEO blueprint.

If a self check proves that a website is continually underscoring at the top of search pages, it may be time for a company to do a website audit from links to the verbiage in the written about me section. By tweaking certain aspects of the website, companies are able to create better SEO strategies that will ultimately lead consumers to clicking on their site. In an internet world saturated by other digital media, it can be difficult to find ways to make it to the top. With proper research and understanding of SEO strategies, any company can find their way to the top of a search page.