As technologies and gadgets make their way into the everyday lives of consumers, they are just as quickly maneuvering their way into homes of regular people. The movie industry has foreshadowed for years the possibility of houses becoming “smart homes” and they were right. Although not all homes come with a talking technology mom that micromanages the lives of the family that lives in like many movie stories told, artificial intelligence and virtual assistants are becoming more prevalent in the daily routines of many people.

Home and housing technology is something that holds different connotations for different home owners. The type of technology in the home is heavily reliant on the needs of the owner(s). For example, for some homeowners, having some type of surveillance technology in the home is of high importance to them. It is understandable that many homeowners would feel it is highly necessary to protect their homes in all ways possible. Home security technology systems are able to not allow provide surveillance for the home on the interior and exterior, but also provide some type of alarm system that alerts the owner and local task forces about possible intruders on the property. This type of technology in the home has more widespread consumer knowledge. From Motorized Roller shades to door alarms, there are many ways a home can have decorations and security.

Another newly popular type of home technology is the utilization of virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are able to do exactly what their name calls for, assist the homeowner(s). These types of small devices come in varying sizes and shapes. Some look small and circular and from the outside mimic a bluetooth speaker. The newer virtual assistants provide consumers with a screen for an entire interactive experience. The entire point of having a virtual assistant is that they allow you the ability to learn from them, get help from them, and also integrate them into varying home technology devices. For example, many virtual assistants are able to actually be synchronized with other home technology devices to turn the lights on and off or even dim them. They are able to be of aid in the event of a security alarm going off. When an alarm goes off, virtual assistants can be programmed to perform varying functions throughout the home. Some tech savvy homeowners are using their assistants to set up intercom functions throughout the home to better their family communication in widespread areas.

There are other functions for these assistants as well. They are able to make phone calls and for the ones that come with screens, they can even make video calls. Some homeowners use them to make shopping lists and check the weather. The assistant is connected to a mobile app where preferences and settings can be managed. Through the preferences function on the app, the user is able to control the type and source of news that is given if one wishes to get a news brief each day. Many users check the weather using their virtual assistant. There are so many different ways to use and interact with the devices that it can take a while to learn all the new and fascinating home technologies available to consumers.