In 2019, when people lay their head down on their pillow and get comfortable on their mattress, they shut their electronics off or turn them on silent so that they don’t have disruptions during their sleep. However, the three products below are the newest and most technological sound electronics for sleep.

  1. Sleep Coach

The Sleep Coach, invented by Eight mattress cofounder Alexandra Zatarain, is an AI that provides users with insights into their sleep practices. It is backed by 2.5 million nights of data. The Sleep coach works in conjunction with the Eight smart mattress, which allows for sleep tracking, a smart alarm, temperature controls for the different sides of the mattress, and integration with Amazon’s Alexa smart home. The AI works by taking gender, age, and location into consideration when making recommendations for that users sleep improvements.

  1. The ZEEQ Pillow

It is important to get the best mattress for you and your loved ones, but a pillow even plays an important role in ensuring that we get sound sleep. The ZEEQ Pillow, which can connect to smartphones, apps, and the Amazon Alexa features 8 wireless speakers, motors, a gyroscope that tracks movement, and audio wave technology. Created and sold by REM-Fit, the $299 pillow is said to help with snoring and other minor sleep issues.

The creators of ZEEQ decided that a pillow would be more capable of providing users with sleep data so that their cell phones aren’t too close to them during their sleep, where it can be disruptive or distracting. ZEEQ uses a 3D motion sensor to track activity throughout the night, including how hard someone is snoring, how much a person is moving, and the amount of rest gotten each night. The app, which is available on both Google Play and the Apple App stores, also includes a music sleep time to help users fall asleep- which the pillow turns off once a user has fallen asleep. The anti-snore control feature alerts a user when they are snoring so that they person can switch positions to help open up their airways. And, although users may not want to leave their cozy bed with their advanced pillow, the pillow also features a built-in alarm that uses gentle vibrations to wake users without disturbing their partners.

3. iOS 12’s nighttime mode and usage monitor

Coming in September to iOS devices, iOS 12 will feature some technological developments that may help users sleep better. The newest tools, which were introduced at the 2018 Worldwide Developers Conference, include a monitor that shows users how much time they are spending on certain applications on their device, including how often they are on their phone and what applications send the most notifications by day, week, or month. Users can then set a limit for themselves, which cuts users off from using all of their iOS devices when that limit has been reached. The Do Not Disturb mode for iPhones now includes a nighttime feature so that messages, calls, and alerts will not disturb users during the night. When users awake, they will tap their phone and all of those notifications that they missed overnight will appear.