Keeping your business on the cutting edge of social media relevance requires constant effort.  Not only do the algorithms that govern organic reach change over time, but also so do the strategies which are often driven by changes in the platforms themselves. You could stay at the forefront by hiring a social media agency to do all the heavy lifting for you, but you should still try to stay current on what is happening in social media if only to make sure your campaigns are keeping up with the competition. We are going to take a quick tour of some of the trends in social media marketing that you need to be paying attention to.

Social Selling

We all know that the end goal of social media marketing is to generate sales for your business and the way that this was traditionally done was to simply use social media marketing to generate the interest and then plug the leads it creates into a traditional sales funnel. The difference with social selling is that rather using traditional methods like email and telephone calls to nurture the prospect into a client, the social selling sales funnel uses the same social media channels that generated the initial interest as the primary method of contacting the prospect and building the relationship. These could be commenting on a post, tweeting to them or sending a message.

Create Platform-Specific Content

All platforms vary in their audience and understanding which platforms your target audience is using is very important. Of equal importance is also understanding the unique features of that platform and how you can use those features to make your message really stand out. For example if your audience is on Instagram, learning how to use Instagram Stories can make you stand out from those that are just posting pictures and videos. Spend some time exploring all the features of the platform where your audience lives and think about new and creative ways you can use those features to deliver your message. Once you have mastered the features of the platform and developed strategies that are effective they can be used over and over again to generate value for your business.

Social Listening

Advances is analytic tools and AI are making it possible for social marketers to start delivering mass personalisation to their audience. This all starts with mastering the art of social listening. Any top salesperson will tell you that if you listen to your prospect they will tell you exactly how to sell them. With social listening you use the prospects interaction with various social media to build up a profile that will tell you what sort of marketing approach they will be most likely to respond to. Not just in terms of platform, ut also in what content is most likely to connect with them on an emotional level. This may seem very technologically daunting to master but many of the social marketing tool sets are starting to incorporate these kinds of analytics.