We have created the world to reflect what we want for our species’ own progression. In this modern world, it goes without saying that technological advancement and digitalisation run the show. We have built up advancements in digitalisation and tech time and again, and the result is the world that surrounds us today. Every industry, every facet of modern life has been changed in some way or another, on the back of this global digitalisation. Even (and especially) the world of business. Take the way that businesses advertise and market these days, for example. The traditional marketing strategies that used to work are no longer solely efficient, if at all.

Businesses have realised the need for a swift change in their advertising and marketing approaches. Digital marketing is the pioneering force in business exposure and brand loyalty now. While everyone knows that digital marketing is the reigning advertising and marketing prospect these days, getting a handle on it is another matter entirely. Sometimes, the professional assistance of a digital marketing agency is one of the best things you can do for your business. But if the budget does not allow to bring in a team or a qualified professional, then there are three digital marketing strategies that are changing the game in 2019. These are the digital marketing concepts that people should be focusing on the most this year, and even going into next year as well.

Social media

It might come as a surprise to some, but social media is one of the strongest digital marketing concepts currently making waves across industries the world over this year. Last year was social media marketing’s big debut as a leading marketing strategy, but this year it is swiftly becoming the central digital marketing component of many businesses (if not all of them). Consumers spend most of their time browsing social media and websites online, and for this reason using social media as a key digital marketing strategy is a stroke of genius for businesses the world over, across varying industries.


Personalised marketing is rising meteorically in terms of relative popularity in business marketing. Put simply, personalised digital marketing is designed to target individuals’ personal interests and hobbies. As a result, the marketing efforts are angled towards items that the individual in question has looked at previously, or similar items. In placing their interests directly in front of them via paid personalised ads on their devices, businesses keep the products they know the customer is responding to in the forefront of that customer’s mind as they spend time online. 

Live videos

Last year, we saw social media start to make impact, and this year that is being taken to a whole new level not only in itself, but through live videos. Consumers love to feel valued and heard by the brands that they give their business to, and live video is an extremely effective way for businesses to establish this type of connection with their consumers. Consumers feel like they are a part of a behind-the-scenes movement, which they love. Additionally, businesses can get a real-time indication of how well live video works for their brand, as the tally of consumers watching, liking, and commenting is constantly updating as the live video streams.