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Though many of us want to believe that technology hasn’t had an effect on us, it’s time to get real. When it comes to technology, it’s completely changed the world. In some cases, the change has been positive; in other cases, not so much. With regards to dating, technology and social media have made us more connected, even with people we haven’t met. This isn’t necessarily bad, but when it comes to finding a partner, it adds its own challenges. Here are five ways technology has changed the dating world.

Endless options

Before the rise of dating apps, when it came to finding a partner, you had limited choices. However, now, through apps such as Tinder, you’re able to search for singles who are in your area and see what type of dating they’re interested in. In other words, the options are endless. Whether you’re in your home, at work, or halfway around the world, you’re able to connect with the single community around you. And these dating apps are continuously providing you with new potential matches.

Dating is now a game – literally

We used to talk about dating as if it was a game, but now, it really is a game. When we match with someone, our phone buzzes with excitement. And this form of Random Reward shoots dopamine through our body, giving us a positive feeling. Not only are these notifications giving us a self-esteem boost, but they’re also turning dating into an actual game. Having people focus more on the number of matches they receive than the actual person behind the phone.


Who doesn’t want convenience as a part of their love life? When it comes to online dating, it was made to save people time and energy. You don’t need to waste your time and money on a first date; instead, you talk to them online and see if a first date is even in the cards. Technology has made dating not only easier, but more time efficient. On the one hand, it’s great for us on an individual level; on the other hand, it takes away the human nature of face-to-face contact. 

Constant communication

This is another significant change that technology has brought into our dating lives. There’s this underlying rule that people need to be in constant contact with one another. Before technology, people would talk on the phone and wait to see each other in person to sit down and have a chat. But now, you always need to know what the other person is doing. If someone doesn’t reply right away, it can be hurtful and even annoying.

Increased ways to show love

Technology isn’t all bad. A positive about technology in the dating world is it’s allowed us to express ourselves in different ways. You can share parts of your love life with friends and family on social media, and video chat. Technology has advanced to the point that trying a vibrator can be done with your partner even if they’re a thousand miles away. It’s helped bring people together, even when they’re not.

Technology isn’t all bad. And when it comes to dating, it certainly has a strong influence on dating, both better and worse. But one thing is clear: technology is here to stay.