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Month: June 2019

The art of mastering personal brand growth on Instagram


The digital era that we live in has essentially placed us in a position of being entirely immersed in and surrounded by marvellous feats of technological advancement and rapid digitalisation. Thanks to our drive and insistence to continue advancing the world we have created for ourselves, technology is everywhere. From the technology that now powers major global industries like education, healthcare, automotives, and security, to the devices in our pockets that connect us 24/7 to the entire world with the click of a button, we are immersed.

And we love it. Consider the impact that social media platforms like Instagram have on us, for example. Even businesses have noticed that their consumers spend more time online. So, social media is now the leading digital marketing strategy in the world. Today, up to 70% of Instagram users voluntarily connect with brands on the social media platform. There is something that feels more organic about social media than the real world (an interesting irony, given that Instagram effectively removes individuals from the real world as they browse and post).

But social media is also a personal branding mechanism. Individuals who lead relatively ordinary lives are building successful personal brands on Instagram, and growing them more and more all the time. So, how do you become one of them? What is the method to building a successful personal brand on Instagram?

Building a rapport with your followers

More than anything else, Instagram users today want to follow people who feel like real people, rather than those who feel like they are trying to sell something. Rather than just posting about your life without any conversational tones, switch up your approach and encourage your followers to engage with you. People love to feel like they are part of the story. This is especially true for traveller influencers…followers love to feel like their opinions and voice matter to you. So, make sure that it matters. You will notice that you begin to gain a stronger, larger following when you actively engage with your followers.

Consistency is key

Most important after honest and ongoing engagement, comes consistency and strategy, hand in hand. You must have a strategy in mind, and that strategy must be based predominantly (if not wholly) on consistency. People love it when they can rely on someone or something to be a constant in their life, and they respond well to people and instances that embody this ideal.

Instagram is all about aesthetics

Instagram is, at heart, a social media platform built on aesthetics. To successfully build your IG aesthetic, you must establish an approach early on (if not from the very beginning), and make that approach your brand. There is something that feels comforting and exciting, to click on an influencer’s account page and see that everything flows. There is something in is that is drawn to that flow. So, work out a strategic approach to aesthetic achievement that seems at once comforting and familiar, but also unique to you.

Posting meaningful content

Instagram is aesthetically based, sure, but the most successful Instagram influencers are the ones who make sure that what they post not only fits their aesthetic brand approach, but has genuine meaning to their followers. More and more, users want to follow and engage with personal brands on Instagram that are happy and genuine. So, make sure that your content is genuine, and has meaning, and you cannot go wrong. You will notice your following skyrocket, and continue to grow organically as time goes on.

Office technology revolutionises the way we work


The workplace has not been immune to technological advancement and rapid digitalisation. In fact, thanks to these modern marvels, the modern workplace is not a workplace at all, but the big, wide world. Technological disruption first found the office when websites began to come out of the woodwork. Businesses everywhere were strengthening their business model through online marketing, and websites were – and still are – the most successful way to achieve that.

It did not matter if the business behind the website specialised in office cleaning Brisbane, security, automotives, books, IT, or digital media (to name a few examples), a website was one of the strongest innovators in what would bloom to become a constant work in technological progress.

The ongoing advancement of office technology

Today, office technology is no longer exclusive to literal offices, but appreciated and utilised around the world. The average professional environment today has a more vivid appreciation of the technological than ever, and it is an appreciation that only continues to flourish and thrive. Thanks to the impressive and ongoing rise of technological absolution and widespread digitalisation, office tech can be, and often is, used in all sorts of environments. There is a new frontier in office technology, and it spans not just the standard office, but the entire world. The reason? The surge in the global remote workforce.

What is the remote workforce?

Still a relatively fresh innovation, the remote workforce refers to the growing global movement towards encouraging a professional environment that is not confined to an office space and a desk. This digitally-inclined iteration of life at work presents people with a new way to forge their careers. That way, whichever way they would like, wherever they want to do so. Initially a small-scale workforce faction, the remote workforce has since ballooned to become a considerable group than spans the globe. And it only continues to grow.

How remote work utilises office technology

It might be difficult to understand how remote work, a concept that literally takes place anywhere but an office (most of the time, of course), makes use of office technology. But office technology today refers to so much more than simply the technology used in the standard cookie-cutter office environment. Today, office technology is the laptops, wireless keyboards and mice, and charging cables and portable batteries that professionals – remote or otherwise – use to do their work. Office technology in this modern age is the professional social channels online (think Google Hangouts, LinkedIn, Slack, or even WhatsApp, for example) that keep company employees linked, no matter where in the world they are.

In essence, office technology today refers to any feat of technological prowess that allows any type of business to flourish and thrive, no matter how far away from the head office (if there even is one) an employee might be. Office technology is going remote, and in the process, it is proving time and again just how positive an evolution technological can instil.

A Used Car Spells Loss Now, But What If It Pays You Cash In The End?

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 12.50.10 am.png

How can a used car pay you cash? Yes, have you ever thought of this possibility? We often look at our used and accidental vehicles sitting in our backyard and think that the piece of junk is just taking up unnecessary space on our property. We fail to realize how it can be of benefit to us in the long haul.

The Metal Counts

Your old and used car might be somewhat of an eyesore to you right now but it will be very useful to a reputable cash for cars company in the city. This is because they are not going to purchase your old and accidental car for the purpose of reusing it. The metal components in it are what they find of value and it makes sense really. It is difficult and very expensive in the current economy to mine metals from the earth and thus big manufacturers are looking for ways to save costs and also prevent their processes from emitting anymore carbon than we already produce.

Why Pick A Car Removal Company And Not Sell Your Car Directly?

You may argue that selling your car or vehicle off to a potential user is the best option and that nothing beats the old school way of getting rid of one’s vehicle. It is true up to a certain limit and as long as your car is functional and still gives reasonable mileage. Yes, direct selling is more suitable for cars that have been used responsibly and can still give value for money to the next buyer in line. If we look at cars that are totally junked and are not capable of taking you even to the nearest grocery shop, then we’ve got trouble. In this case picking the direct selling option is not practical for the following reasons:

  • You will end up spending a lot of money on advertising for the car
  • Repairs and replacements will also chew off a large part of your monthly budget
  • Be prepared to deal with potential customers who love to bargain and become the reason for your high blood pressure
  • You will have to take out the time to entertain “guests” who would be coming to see the car
  • In the end the value you will get for the used automobile is not going to be what you expected
  • When you subtract the expenses you undertook to make this sale, the final price will not be worth it

Enter Cash For Cars Companies

These are the several disadvantages that everyone wants to run away from and car removal companies offer the perfect escape route. You don’t have to bear any of the aforementioned expenses or stress, plus you get a huge amount for your used car no matter what make or model or brand it is. The biggest rationale behind car wreckers being able to pay you such a handsome figure is that they are well connected with the leading car manufacturers across the country. These brands are constantly making efforts to reduce their costs and the metal from your used car lets them do just that. They don’t have to spend their resources on mining fresh metal from the earth and this saves them millions of dollars. This benefit comes to you via cash for car companies in the city. There are no middlemen to demand a commission or claim a share in your profits. The amount comes to you, in your hand and in cash! What more could you ask for?

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