The digital era that we live in has essentially placed us in a position of being entirely immersed in and surrounded by marvellous feats of technological advancement and rapid digitalisation. Thanks to our drive and insistence to continue advancing the world we have created for ourselves, technology is everywhere. From the technology that now powers major global industries like education, healthcare, automotives, and security, to the devices in our pockets that connect us 24/7 to the entire world with the click of a button, we are immersed.

And we love it. Consider the impact that social media platforms like Instagram have on us, for example. Even businesses have noticed that their consumers spend more time online. So, social media is now the leading digital marketing strategy in the world. Today, up to 70% of Instagram users voluntarily connect with brands on the social media platform. There is something that feels more organic about social media than the real world (an interesting irony, given that Instagram effectively removes individuals from the real world as they browse and post).

But social media is also a personal branding mechanism. Individuals who lead relatively ordinary lives are building successful personal brands on Instagram, and growing them more and more all the time. So, how do you become one of them? What is the method to building a successful personal brand on Instagram?

Building a rapport with your followers

More than anything else, Instagram users today want to follow people who feel like real people, rather than those who feel like they are trying to sell something. Rather than just posting about your life without any conversational tones, switch up your approach and encourage your followers to engage with you. People love to feel like they are part of the story. This is especially true for traveller influencers…followers love to feel like their opinions and voice matter to you. So, make sure that it matters. You will notice that you begin to gain a stronger, larger following when you actively engage with your followers.

Consistency is key

Most important after honest and ongoing engagement, comes consistency and strategy, hand in hand. You must have a strategy in mind, and that strategy must be based predominantly (if not wholly) on consistency. People love it when they can rely on someone or something to be a constant in their life, and they respond well to people and instances that embody this ideal.

Instagram is all about aesthetics

Instagram is, at heart, a social media platform built on aesthetics. To successfully build your IG aesthetic, you must establish an approach early on (if not from the very beginning), and make that approach your brand. There is something that feels comforting and exciting, to click on an influencer’s account page and see that everything flows. There is something in is that is drawn to that flow. So, work out a strategic approach to aesthetic achievement that seems at once comforting and familiar, but also unique to you.

Posting meaningful content

Instagram is aesthetically based, sure, but the most successful Instagram influencers are the ones who make sure that what they post not only fits their aesthetic brand approach, but has genuine meaning to their followers. More and more, users want to follow and engage with personal brands on Instagram that are happy and genuine. So, make sure that your content is genuine, and has meaning, and you cannot go wrong. You will notice your following skyrocket, and continue to grow organically as time goes on.