Marvel Studios were extremely dedicated to their Avengers franchise, building up a plot for years and taking the big screen where it has never gone before. Blockbuster after blockbuster, all coming together for what the world hails Endgame. Whether you caught the film at a local theatre or went for a luxury movie experience, it is safe to assume that Endgame was unforgettable for everyone; the lead-up to the main event has been a long and arduous journey, spanning over 23 films and 11 years. 

Started from the bottom with a big vision

Its humble beginnings started from one man – Iron man – and he took both the world and Marvel Studios by surprise as his popularity soared out of control. Capping at a 93% rating on Rotten Tomatoes – it is the third highest rated Marvel movie (with the number one spot claimed by Black Panther at a whopping 97%). 

However, prior to the success of their first foray into the cinematic universe, Marvel has already hatched their game plan to bring the world the greatest series Hollywood will ever know. 

The infinity saga and great Easter egg hunt

From the conception of Iron Man, Marvel has included hints and scenes foreshadowing what was to come and fans have taken to calling them Easter eggs. The first ever Easter egg is most likely the post-credit scene featuring Nick Fury talking to Tony Stark about the Avengers Initiative, setting into motion the saga we know and many worship today. 

Fans have spent hours online dissecting what each Easter egg meant, a practice that is still alive and well today. Despite knowing that there will be no more Avengers after Endgame, fans are still perhaps reading a bit too much into every scene, and sounding more and more like conspiracy theorists: from whether Loki will be the next Captain America, to wishful thinking regarding the mortality of Tony Stark. 

Avengers is out to snag the number one spot from Avatar

In a bid to take the title of the highest grossing movie of all time, Marvel Studios is re-releasing Avengers Endgame with new footage along with a few surprises, including a video introduction by director Anthony Russo. While there is no word on how long the deleted footage will be, there will also be promotional material for the upcoming Spiderman movie. 

While no means an honorable way to win the title of the highest box office hit, it has not stopped fans from eagerly flocking to purchase new tickets. Furthermore, Marvel has been known to air marathons prior to new releases and are notorious for squeezing the bang out of every buck and their fans are more than happy to oblige. 

Endgame not the end?

According to Marvel Studios president Kevin Fiege, Endgame is in fact, not the finale of the epic series and that the upcoming Spiderman: Far From Home will be the final conclusion of Avengers. He goes on to explain that we needed “to see how does Spiderman step out of the shadow of his mentor Tony Stark”, effectively bringing to an end what started with Iron Man back in 2008.