Technological advancement and rapid digitalisation have been changing the world for years now. By this point, we are no strangers to their reaches. Office technology, however, is still just beginning to make waves (an incredible feat, when you consider the phenomenal impact that office technology has had on the world thus far). Nonetheless, technology has just begun to disrupt the modern workplace, and it is sure to be a wild ride continuing from here on out. But before we get to the future workplace, we must acknowledge the current technological revolutions that have transformed the way we work so far.

Whether it is the apps and websites driving office cleaning businesses, or the very products and systems that drive those businesses from the inside out (or any other manner of technological innovations in the modern workspace, for that matter), the goal is always the same: to make life in the workplace more convenient and efficient. So, what are these incredible revolutions, and what makes them so instrumental, so special?

Adjustable, personalised individual work spaces

This is a broad term, but basically it encompasses everything from sit/stand desks, to the rise of the remote workplace. Having adjustable and personalised work spaces for each employee means that they will essentially operate at their most comfortable. And we all know that we are at our most productive when we are most comfortable, right? So, office technologies like sit/stand desks, ergonomic office chairs, remote positions (i.e. the capacity to work from anywhere, so long as there is a reliable internet connection and a sturdy device to work from), and virtual assistants are changing the way we work individually, for the better.

Dependable Wifi connections

It might seem strange to list this, but it is shocking just how many workplaces are operating in subpar Wifi conditions. When the workplace is operating under an unimpressive internet connection, it limits the focus and productivity of the individuals working within the office. This is obviously a problem. It does not matter how brilliant people are at their jobs; if there is not an internet connection that allows them to work at their optimal speed, they will not turn out their best work in a timely fashion. It is just the way it is. So, make sure that the internet connection is efficient and reliable.

Reliable conference lines

Again, this might sound strange, but this really is so important. All offices rely on conference lines – especially those that embrace remote workplaces – so it is crucial that there are reliable office conference lines running, always. When an office cannot communicate effectively not only internally, but with clients and other employees the world over, collaboration, creativity, and productivity (the three pillars of a workplace functioning at its peak) go out the window. Conference lines are essentially part of the bread and butter that ensures that workplaces operate at their best, and without them the entire workplace can erupt into absolute and sheer chaos.