Now that we live in the digital era, it continues to become exceedingly obvious that every aspect of modern life has been, and is continuing to be, fundamentally revolutionised in the wake of rapid digitalisation and technological advancement. This is true in literally every aspect of life as we know it, and there is no going back. Every aspect of life, from education and healthcare, to life at home and business, have been transformed from the inside out. In the world of business, technological advancement and rapid digitalisation have made themselves known in many ways, with one of the most exciting and innovative being digital marketing.

Digital marketing begins to overtake traditional marketing

While traditional marketing strategies will likely (if not certainly) always have their place in the world of business, it becomes more and more obvious over time that the modern iteration (i.e. digital marketing) is becoming more and more instrumental to business’ success, no matter the industry or the size of the business in question. The reason for this is simple: as the rest of the world continues to pivot towards a digitalised future, the way that we do everything – including business – must adapt to realign, or risk being left behind. Today, there are many digital marketing strategies that are successful, but which is the best of them?

The most prominent digital marketing strategy out there today

 One of the most prominent digital marketing strategies out there today is SEO (search engine optimisation). Essentially, SEO is a strategy that increases the quality and quantity of traffic to a website or web page. This is achieved by increasing the visibility of a website to individuals that use a web search engine (think Google). The idea is to increase the volume of unpaid results (excluding the purchase of paid placement). SEO was a more complex digital marketing strategy for businesses to get used to in the beginning, due to the fact that it requires more behind-the-scenes work, more effort from the onset. Over time, however, SEO proved itself to be worth its weight in gold.

Why SEO continues to turn ripples into waves across industries

The reason that SEO has continued to be so popular is quite simple. SEO may require a learning curve to initially understand it, but once that learning curve has been successfully reached and then exceeded, SEO works its magic by doing the work for you. After the initial pull, SEO takes control and works – seemingly behind the scenes – to increase visitation to a website or an individual web page. Never has a digital marketing strategy proven to be so influential across so many different industries.

SEO does what so many other digital marketing concepts fail to do: create an ongoing automated trajectory towards success after the initial pull. So, if you own a business, get your local SEO company on your side and make the most of SEO, because at the end of the day, this is a digital marketing strategy that is giving companies across varying industries a leg up, always.