The automotive industry is by far one of the most important sectors in all the world. From the salespeople that sell the vehicles and the panel beaters that make them look their best, to the manufacturers bringing the vehicles to the roads in the first place, and everywhere else in between, this is an industry that is important on level after level. This is an industry that has built its foundations on the tail of our obsessive desire to always be moving faster, more efficiently. Now, we have grown accustomed to being able to get around much faster than normal, thanks in large part to automotives and the ongoing innovations that drive them forward all the time. There have been many great evolutions in the automotive industry over the years, but this latest is perhaps one of the most –if not the most – important of all, not just for our progress towards a healthier future for us, but our progress towards a healthier future for the planet as well.

Technology becomes a global revolution

These days, technology is as common as the shoes on our feet of the clothes on our backs, but it has not always been this way. When technologies like the internet first broke through into the mainstream, people were confounded with them, even apprehensive. Over time, however, technologies have proven to be a mainstream success story (for the most part) that have all played their part in changing the world as we see it. Today, that world is paved with technologies and digital devotions, and every aspect of modern life, every industry, has felt the keen sting of it all – including, as it turns out, the global automotive industry.

Technology disrupts the automotive industry

Automotive technology has come a long way over time, and now we stand on the edge of an industry that is set to completely electrify, if all goes to plan, in the coming years. The electric vehicle has been the plot summary to many movies, television series, and books over the decades, but in recent history it has come to be a reality – or at least, the humble, if not controversial, beginnings of a reality. The autonomous vehicle made headlines when it was first introduced, and then again (though for different reasons) when the first semi-autonomous vehicles in production and on the roads were involved in road accidents – some of which harrowingly, unfortunately, involved fatalities.

The pioneers driving the electric era forward

The controversy has been met with understandable upset, but it has also gone a long way towards strengthening the technology. What was once a finely drafted technology has since bloomed and flourished to become a viable innovation in automotives that seeks to drive forward a healthier future, not only for us, but for the planet we call home. Luxury automotive manufacturer Tesla has been at the forefront of this autonomous vehicle revolution, and it continues to flourish and thrive. There is only one Earth, and it is heartening and promising to realise that the automotive industry – and other industries too – are working towards ensuring that the future is one that vehicles with a healthier environmental footprint dominate.