Having the Virtual Private Network (VPN) on your computer is a cost-effective option to tighten your privacy and security on the internet and ensure that all the websites that you wish to browse are available to you without any hustle. Here we are providing you with 5 top reasons why we think you need a VPN software installed on your Mac device immediately. 

Enhanced security

When you are using a VPN connection, all the data that is exchanged between the device and the internet passes in an encrypted form. It creates a tunnel for protecting your information from theft. Besides, the passwords that you use can also be vulnerable to theft without VPNs. Recently, a lot of websites have upgraded their security policies and want you to use passwords consisting of letters, numbers and special characters, all at one go. For some people, this ends up creating a lot of confusion and they prefer to use a single password across all the websites. When you log into any of these websites from an open Wi-Fi, the hacker will trace your data, steal or clone your password and then use it to get through all of your other accounts. Using a VPN would keep a check on your data usage and prohibit strangers from getting their hands on any of the sensitive information. 

Amplified privacy

When you are browsing through the internet, upholding the privacy of all your information is incredibly important, because, in some or the other way, you are under constant surveillance. The VPN helps you to safeguard this information from being constantly recorded and misused by creating a barrier between you and the monitoring eye by helping you to change IP addresses frequently thus ensuring amplified privacy.  

Opportunities to access the websites from any country

Many websites allow you to access them only from a few particular countries. However, with a VPN, you can remove this restriction. The scenario can be reversed when you want to browse some of the international sites when you are sitting back at home. A VPN client on your Mac device will change the geographic location so that the websites identify you as a user from their permitted area.

Get entry to the ISP protected sites

An Internet Service Provider (ISP) can ban users from accessing certain websites due to several reasons such as negative impact, overuse. China has blocked several popular platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube and Torrent websites. VPNs allow the user to trespass these barriers and access the websites without any roadblock. 

Public Wi-Fi can be used securely

If you are traveling or visiting cafes or other public places, the public Wi-Fi hotspots can be a convenient option; but this convenience comes at a price. All the personal information that you are sharing can be recorded because according to reports, hackers target these networks very often. It is, therefore, safe to have a VPN installed on your Mac device so that it can hide your internet traffic and shield your data accordingly.