It might seem a little silly, afterall, shouldn’t it be living rooms that are the heart of a home? However, research has shown that bathrooms and kitchens are becoming increasingly popular in terms of what people look for when house-hunting. More importance is being placed in a well designed bathroom and a practical kitchen over a living room. It is interesting to note that baths have always played an important part in history – from public bathhouses to a private throne, it seems that bathrooms have a hand in showcasing one’s wealth and status, perhaps that it why it is becoming so popular. 

The design that designers hate: too much art

Stone baths will always stay in style because they are classic and are not loathed by designers. The few things that irk a designer are glass brick bathrooms. While trendy somewhere in the 1980s, it has fallen out of fashion and are also a tedious chore to clean. Anything that is too quirky is also not something that designers will go for because bathrooms are meant to be a place of relaxation – save the art for the living room. 

What everyone loves: glass

On the list of the most beautiful bathrooms in the world, most of them (if not all) feature a glass wall, overlooking beautiful views. All of them manage to incorporate clean lines, bright natural lighting and some go as far as to include some greenery into their bathrooms in order to bring a tropical feel into it. Another popular way to make their bathrooms look more trendy or exotic is by adding wooden panels or bamboo. Marble is also another popular choice as it is classy and screams luxury. 

Floatation tanks to make a cameo in your bathroom? 

It might seem a little far-fetched that anyone would purchase a floatation tank for their own health benefit, but then again, a thousand years ago, it would not have been feasible to have one’s own toilet inside the house because there was no modern plumbing. Floatation tanks are seeing an increase in popularity as it provides mental stimulation and does wonders for one’s mental health. In today’s modern world where mental health is a hot topic, it would not be surprising that floatation tanks become popular in houses – of course, it will appear in the wealthy’s homes first before making its way down to the middle class society. 

Voice control as part of your smart home system

Imagine having a soak and without getting up, turn the water on, dim the lights or change the water’s temperature. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Now if only someone can create waterproof, eco-friendly books, everything would be pretty much perfect. Imagination aside, one could quite possibly tell their smart home system to report on weather, news and all without having to leave the comfort of your porcelain throne, getting all the updates from your latest messages to catching up on news, right in the shower.