The internet has revolutionized many things for us, it has allowed us to open doors to global property search and finding long lost friends (or family members, even those we didn’t know about). However, when it comes to finding your place in the world, technology can do more than assist. It can help you find the perfect home, in a dream location, surrounded by the life you have always wanted. 

Utilizing personality quizzes on the internet

While it might feel a little foolish to rely on a quiz to tell you anything about yourself, the truth is, they often work. You can use a quiz to figure out what career best suits you, what your personality type is, even what kind of dog you should get. Why can’t a quiz show you where you are meant to live on this planet of 195 countries. If you’re planning to travel the world to find your place, you’ll be traveling for a very long time. Furthermore, you will have to spend a fixed amount of time to really experience the culture of a place and decide whether it is suitable for you which is not exactly practical as that would require moving constantly, for years on end (a lifestyle that is not suited to many) so cut through all that effort and take a personality quiz that can best determine what country you are most suited for

What kind of home are you looking for? 

Once you’ve settled the where, it’s time to look into the what. A glance at a home and lifestyle magazine will show you that there are numerous different styles of housing. From a quaint cottage with vines crawling all over, to a huge mansion with sprawling grounds. Most Americans have adopted the white picket fence as their own idea, but the internet has opened up the world to your fingertips. You can go through thousands if not millions of pictures on photo-sharing apps such as Instagram or Pinterest to find a home that appeals to you. Better yet, you can save all the “homespiration” you run into so you have a comprehensive mood-board you can show your real estate agent (if you opt to go with one) or simply to keep your mind on track. 

Now zoom in on the location

Neighbourhoods matter because where you plant your life and how it blooms is entirely dependent on the environment. If you are hoping to live remotely and alone, it is probably inadvisable to purchase a home in a community lot or commercial area. Conversely, if you are planning to raise a family, it might be more ideal to find a child-friendly neighbourhood where safety and security will not pose any concern. Again, this is where technology can come in to play. Simply Googling the area and checking the news in the recent years will let you know what kind of neighbourhood you are settling into. Furthermore, there are also public forums or Facebook groups that you can use to get to know the neighbourhood a little bit more. Because sometimes, what the eyes see, might only be on the surface. The internet will allow you to pierce that surface and look beyond what is only on the cover.