We live in what will undoubtedly come to be known as the humble beginnings of the digital era. We have become exceedingly familiar with, even reliant on, feats of digital and technological prowess in recent years, and we now stand on the verge of an entirely new era that is going to be almost completely (if not entirely) immersed in technological absolution and enhancement. Already, this is an era that is rife with rapid digitalisation and technological advancement and ongoing development, and practically every aspect of modern life as we know it, has been transformed in its wake. Even the way that we do business, as it turns out.

Traditional advertising and marketing avenues have worked their magic for years, but as the world becomes more and more hinged on digitalisation and technological absolution, these traditional advertising and marketing efforts are no longer as effective as they once were (not on their own, at least). These days, traditional marketing efforts can be used effectively on their own sometimes, but always in alignment with new modern marketing techniques. But as time moves on, these more modern advertising and marketing efforts are going to become more and more prominent, until traditional marketing strategies are all bit irrelevant.

Rapid digitalisation disrupts the business landscape

Digital marketing is the latest and greatest force to be reckoned with in the business world. In essence, digital marketing is essentially the modern iterations of its former traditional marketing counterparts. So, in this way, traditional marketing will always live on. But when the world began to become more invested in digital marketing rather than traditional marketing, it became exceedingly obvious that modern consumers responded far more easily and far more often to digital marketing strategies than they did the traditional counterparts. So, businesses began to lean more and more heavily on digital marketing.

2019 sees the beginning of a primitive surge in digital marketing

This year, digital marketing positively took off, soaring in all-new directions and painting a very bright picture of what digital marketing can do. As of 2019, it has become abundantly clear that traditional marketing concepts just do not cut it anymore, no matter which business you are in or what demographic your target client base is. So, digital marketing has become the leading form of marketing strategising around the world. Now, digital marketing innovates in all kinds of ways, from excitable new offers, to the evolving validity of an online social media presence for a company (if you want to learn more about how to grow your following in different new ways, for example, click here). And this is just the start, too.

What digital marketing will bring to the table in 2020

We are now a few months away from the beginning of a new year. As 2020 quickly approaches, digital marketing is likely to only continue to go from strength to strength. This is evident, and almost certain, in the seemingly ever-growing interest in digital marketing degrees and prospects from companies that are well established in their industries. The power of digital marketing is that it has a unique point of reach with modern consumers, and it is a reach that continues to prove its value time and again – and likely will continue to do so going forward.