Students are becoming more tech-savvy nowadays with most turning to technology to earn their keep via stock-brokering online or investing in their own startups. However, there are still those who are more comfortable chasing after a more conventional path. For UWA students, this is good news as there are many pathways that await them upon graduating. More and more graduates are staying in the city to pursue their career and no wonder at that, since Perth has been rated as one of the best places to live and work, especially in the CBD. However, the most important thing before settling down is to find a job, and here are a few of the many career paths UWA students in finance can pursue. 

Tutor or lecturer for financial studies 

Give back to your alma mater by teaching. Not only can you start your independent research, they say that there is no better learning than through teaching. Furthermore, a job as a lecturer can rake in upwards of 137,000 per annum, and that’s not including the employer contributed superannuation of 17%. 

Furthermore, having graduated and worked at one of the top 100 universities in the world will give your resume a polished finish. 

Financial analyst

If you love numbers, you will love this job. It is your responsibility to crunch those numbers and balance those books. While some might call it a glorified accountant, you will also be involved in other projects that can improve the finances of the company. This gives you creative range to come up with proposals that will save money for the company or increase profits. In a smaller company, your job might include handling payments and invoices or journals. It’s a good entry job for those looking to climb their way up to becoming a financial manager, which will get you upwards of 135,000 per annum. 

Finance broker

If you’re naturally gifted with people and numbers, this is where your money’s at. While the median salary stands at 103,000 per annum, it is a very satisfying job. You are essentially the middleman for your clients and your job is to offer financial advice for forex and stocks. If you are good at marketing yourself, you should have no problem raking in more via consultations, commissions and depending on your client, you might find yourself with a salary that surpasses the average pay. 

Aside from technical skills, graduates should bear in mind that soft skills matter too. To all those who have yet to graduate, soft skills are the reason why you should get involved with the local community, social events and clubs. It will help you become a better team player and will hone your skills to becoming a team leader. Communication is an extremely important soft skill to have and what better time to hone it than at university, where there is a wide variety of personalities to interact with?