Stuck working from home and not sure how to keep yourself motivated? Hit a bit of a form slump in terms of output? Don’t worry, because we’re here to help get your head back in the game. Follow our home office facelift guide below and you’ll soon find the inspiration you need to kick some serious goals. 

  • Adjustable sit stand desk

Step one is to grab yourself a fantastic sit stand desk that boasts plenty of room and a beautiful design. This is important because we want to create a sense of spaciousness in your room which will naturally encourage creativity and help you to feel a lot less boxed in. Not only do sit stand desks provide for all of the above, but they also offer a range of health benefits. From postural improvements to better circulation, you’ll love what these designs bring to the table. 

Stuck for ideas? The Infinity Height Adjustable Sit Stand Computer Desk ticks all the right boxes.

  • Office chair

Working all day at a computer can be hard, so it’s super important to have a comfy chair that will keep you grounded. Look for something that is ergonomically designed and offers a great level of support for your body. Choose a chair that matches the rest of your decor and you’ll be one step closer to bringing your dream working from home office to life. Remember that any kind of office chair will work with a sit stand desk, thanks to adjustable features. 

The Luxo Narelle Mesh Office Chair always makes for a great pick. Think built-in lumbar support, curved armrests plus a high-density padded foam seat. 

  • Drawers

Need someone to keep all your important bits and pieces? A set of stylish drawers is just the thing. We appreciate storage space as much as anyone, which is why we recommend keeping this item high on your to-do list. The right design can add a great visual touch to your space and will make keeping track of notes, files and everything else a breeze. Just remember to think about what other furniture you have so you can choose something that really works well. 

  • Rugs and accessories

Put the finishing touches on your working from home office by grabbing a beautiful rug and a few accessories. This can really take your space to a new level and it will definitely help to make the environment all the more conducive to hard work. Whether you’re writing articles, working on spreadsheets or designing websites, having a wonderful rug at your feet will provide some much needed comfort. As for accessories, grab a few scented candles, a lamp or two and maybe even a new frame for your favourite picture.