Technology is changing at lightning speed all around us, blurring the boundaries between people, the physical world and internet. With the latest advancements being only as good as the next development down the line, the auto industry is constantly launching new technologies to enrich the driving experience, improve vehicular performance and boost safety.

The cars of today can do much more than merely drive and park. These cars are smart devices equipped with mapping technology and advanced emergency braking capabilities. And some of the automotive innovations are so path-breaking that they could revolutionize car transport itself.

Self-Driving Cars

Automobile majors such as Ford and tech pioneers such as Elon Musk are developing driverless cars for safer driving experiences on the road. Without a driver and even human presence at all, these futuristic cars will run on roads by capitalizing on their fully autonomous capabilities.

Modular Vehicles

The popular vehicles of today such as minivans and sport utility vehicles are designed for a specific purpose. The cars of the future will be equipped with modular pieces that can be adjusted in accordance with various utilitarian needs. 

Inter-Vehicle Communication

The vehicle-to-vehicle communication technology will simplify and make driving safer. This advanced system will make it possible for vehicles to communicate with each other and share information pertaining to routes and traffic networks. For example, if brakes are applied impromptu, this technology will immediately communicate its location and speed to other vehicles in the vicinity and thereby prevent an accident.

AR-Enabled Dashboards

The conventional dashboards are also looking at a technological revamp. Augmented reality will convert the windshield and windows of cars into interactive display screens to showcase information about the road, vehicular speed and navigational details, thereby improving safety mechanisms and enhancing the driving experience.

Connected Mobile Apps

Smart phones have changed human-car interactions. Most carmakers offer a connected smartphone app that allows the owner to lock and unlock the doors, check the fuel and start the car remotely. In the not-too-distant future, advances in integration technologies would make it possible to control the smart phone’s functionality through voice commands and buttons located on the steering wheel, you could get an online quote for car insurance while driving your car (hypothetically speaking, but you should always get insurance when you purchase your car to protect your assets). Honda has already incorporated Apple’s Siri Eyes Free into its newer car models, allowing people to use iOS, make phone calls, exchange messages and get directions from the dashboard of their cars. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Advanced driver assist systems such as adaptive cruise control can take a lot of the stress out of driving. By using sensors, adaptive cruise control can match the speed of an approaching car and a tailgating car, thereby preventing constant braking in highway traffic.

Technological advancements are re-making the car of the future. Be prepared to live in a society powered by cars that are smarter, flexible, safer, better connected and more capable than at any time in the past.