When it comes to buying a car, there is a lot to be said about the tremendous influence of the market in general, as well as the ever-evolving nature of the market. At any given time the vehicle market is swaying to and fro,  always changing at the whim what becomes available and what is taken off the market as buyers go through the process and eventually make their purchases. It goes without saying that it can be challenging to narrow down the decisions and ultimately choose which vehicle you want to buy and why.

It goes without saying that new cars are a monumental investment. A car is one of the most expensive and important purchases that you are ever likely to make. For this reason, it is tremendously important to ensure that you are getting a car that is of sound value and quality, rather than what a manufacturer or salesperson has been trying to tell you and sell you.

David Lye, CEO of PriceMyCar, knows this better than anyone else. This is an entrepreneur that has Single handedly built his company up from the ground – a company that has transformed the way people are able to research the market for diving and making a purchase.

In the process, he has not only become a success story, but has also driven into fruition a brand new era in vehicle purchasing that is changing the way that buyers approach the entire process from the onset. The data utilised to create this research framework is sourced from three different areas (purchases from fleet companies, public availability, and user-submitted information). It is individuals like David Lye who find success because they are willing and able to make the difference, going above and beyond to see their ideas come to fruition and to watch and drive them to excellence and beyond as well.

One of the biggest issues in this industry is that manufacturers that sell first hand vehicles right out of the manufacturing sheds often frame their companies in a way that ensures that potential buyers are forced into an environment where they must spend hours (and even days or weeks) going through their options and ultimately coming to decision while their manufacturing salesperson is standing over them in the process. It is companies like PriceMyCar  car making the world a difference and transforming the way that individuals purchase vehicles from the onset. 

After just a few minutes spent signing up for the program, individuals are able to choose a make, model, and variant of vehicle that they are considering purchasing. Instantaneously,  that same user is treated to a full comprehensive list of what other individuals have paid in the last 6 months for the same vehicle. This is an incredible advantage because it allows the purchaser to actually see what other individuals have paid for for the same vehicle in the last 6 months. This essentially gives that individual an idea of what the vehicle is actually worth and what the manufacturers or third-party salesman but they are dealing with is trying to make them pay for that vehicle.