The new sculpture by Perth artist Marcus Canning located at Beach reserve on Canning Highway overlooks the Swan River and the port of Fremantle. It is made up of nine brightly coloured sea containers (metal constructed boxes that get loaded onto ships to be sent around the world) constructed in the shape of an arch, which looks like a Rainbow. The best view is going towards Fremantle from Canning Highway you will see the Rainbow sculpture, and looking through the brightly coloured arch you can see the port as the backdrop.

Fremantle has such a diverse culture and background. I believe that the colours represent Fremantle as a colourful diverse city. A cultural gateway for Fremantle’s many links to cultures of art found in and around the city. There are many maritime art and maritime historical objects that are about sea exploration and settlement; in contrast this art piece is a representation of a thriving port city that is reliant on import and export industries.

The Rainbow arch art piece represents a cultural diverse, colourful and energetic port city. Rainbows appear around water and sunshine, perhaps this is the very essence of the true meaning of Fremantle.

As a local of Fremantle I like the playfulness that the sculpture represents. I hope that you too will enjoy this new art piece.

The West Australian website has an article about the Rainbow sculpture art piece, please click the following link to read it: https://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/entertainment/a/32315896/sea-container-rainbow-to-greet-freo-visitors/ and if you would like to see it being put together on location take a look at this video from youtube by Fremantle Story.


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Fremantle Story (2016). Rainbow by Marcus Canning | City of Fremantle. [Online Video]. 16 August 2016. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BYwwVrepX2c. [Accessed 19 August 2016].

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  1. Thanks for the video Amy. I was wondering how did they put it together. Not a very artsy question 🙂

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