Interview with Glen Stewart

ACA recently interviewed local artist Glen Stewart. Glen is a visual artist and teacher from Perth, Western Australia. His style is mostly abstract; one of the techniques that he utilises is the use of numerous layers creating a texture to his artworks. He has participated in many exhibitions over the years.

We hope that you enjoy the following interview.

To view Glen’s work visit him at:


Stewart, G. (2016) ‘Interview with Glen Stewart’ Interviewed by Amy Maslij, Australian Cultural Appreciation, 25 August.

All images used with permission by the Artist

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  1. Well done Amy! Not always can we spot such interesting artist and interview them! Are you an artist yourself?

  2. The end product looks great Amy. The site is really interesting and well laid out too (very professional!). Also, you asked a broad range of interesting questions that really helped me to articulate my own interests and direction as an artist. Thanks for asking me to be part of it.

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