In our first episode of our new podcast series, Head-to-Head, we will be discussing the recent findings of Screen Australia’s study into diversity in Australian television, exploring what has changed, what still needs to change and why encouraging diverse representations of identity is important. If you have any thoughts or your own experiences to share – Please feel free to leave comments!

Link to Screen Australia’s Study on Diversity: http://www.screenaustralia.gov.au/sa/newsroom/news/2016/mr-160824-study-of-diversity-on-tv-released





  1. Hey Alice!

    I really enjoyed the first instalment of Head to Head. I think it is a great idea to have a podcast which is casual in tone, intelligent and informative of important cultural issues. You have executed it very well too, as the podcast was easy to listen to and easy to absorb the information and statistics presented.

    The initial question you posed about being able to list and breakdown the cultural diversity in Australia really struck a cord with me. My first thought was that yes, I could attempt to, but I know that I would be wrong. While I know we are a multicultural and diverse country, I haven’t the faintest clue on the specifics, something I am now highly inclined to find out.

    You highlight very well, with the use of statistics how diversity on Australian screens has vastly improved, but yet it still doesn’t adequately represent reality. After reflection, mainstream tv shows that I commonly watch have minimal cultural diversity (The Bachelor anyone?). Also the point you mentioned about programs now having a ‘token’ diverse character, again made me think of mainstream media and how common and noticeable this is (again – The Bachelor). I definitely agree with the fact that diversity needs to stem from the initial production stages to make cultural inclusiveness a seamless and as realistic as possible, and I think this should be a key focus for the industry.

    Thanks for a great listen – it was thoroughly enjoyable!

  2. Very informing podcast, Alice! Great choice of topic – that’s a much needed debate we should all be part of.

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