Another successful semester with happy blogging assignments! Our students in the Business School and the Arts had another chance to use blogs as their assignments. They designed and ran professional blogs that enhanced student’s digital literacy, engaged them in learning and improved their satisfaction with teaching.

Here are a few samples of their blogs: Digital Ninjas Conquering Stereotypes; Higher Education and Globalisation; Privacy and Security in Digital Age. You may need to be logged in to UWA Blogs to see some of the blogs.

The cool and practical thing is that our students may use these blogs as creative digital portfolios when applying for jobs!

Here are some of the comments our students wrote in the unit survey:

“I loved this assignment. It was a really interactive way to communicate with the class and Mike. I liked that I could write about things that were interesting to me, which I could research and further my own understanding of at the same time. I think blogging is a great alternative to an essay. I’ve not blogged in other units before, and I’d love to do more of it.”
This has been one of the most interesting and engaging assessments tools i have used during my entire degree. It has been a great opportunity to actually express your opinion and engage with the topics.”

Happy blogging!

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