Master Web 3 Innovation in Theory and Practice

My whole mindset about business and world has changed

“Hi Andrzej, I just wanted to say thanks for this great, eye opening semester. It’s been such a nice journey and my whole mindset about business and the world has changed since we started the journey.”

Talal, 2020, Student Review

Most inspiring class I have spent at the University

Hi Andrzej, I have just woken up today after yesterday’s lecture and reflecting on last night that was the most enjoyable and possibly inspiring class I have spent at university. Thanks for your enthusiasm and knowledge.”

Frank, 2019, Student Review

These 12 weeks have been an eye-opener

“Before enrolling in this unit, I had only heard about Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency. These 12 weeks have been an eye-opener. I am really glad that I took this unit and learnt about such an important, upcoming technology. I now feel confident about talking on the topic with my peers. I loved the coolness, sense of humour, and persuasive power of your teaching style.”

Varun, 2021, Student Review

Loved how easy he makes to understand complex technical topics

“I not only loved his enthusiasm and passion for teaching and sharing his ideas but also loved how amazingly easy he made it to understand complex technical topics”

Official Excellence in Teaching Nomination, 2022

Introducing UWA to the disruptive world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies

“For taking on the challenge of introducing UWA to the disruptive world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, delivering content in such a fascinating and interactive manner and providing valuable support to students”

Official Excellence in Teaching Nomination, 2022

Why study blockchain?

Blockchain technologies provide the infrastructure for the emerging web 3 innovation. Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, decentralised autonomous organisations (DAO), decentralised finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverses have already changed the way we understand money, business, economy, society and even concepts like reality and self. Blockchain technologies have been embraced by startups, small and medium businesses, not-for-profits, global corporations and governments worldwide. Blockchain skills are among most sought after globally.

Blockchain at UWA – BUSN5001

BUSN5001 is one of the fastest growing and most popular units at UWA. Originally designed and taught by a multi-award winning Dr Andrzej Gwizdalski, BUSN5001 is one of the first comprehensive interdisciplinary master level units in Australia. Students receive sound theoretical foundations on the subject which they then bring into practice by designing their entrepreneurial team project. A diversity of innovative assignments and a range of invited world leading experts make BUSN5001 a truly unique learning experience.

Comprehensive Modular Learning Triad

Know the technology

Understand the key technologies powering Web 3 innovation.

Business applications

Lead the disruptive innovation by applying the technologies in business.

Macro implications

Anticipate the implications the technologies will have on work, economy and society.


Prof David Yermack, New York University

Leigh Travers, CEO Binance Australia

Sandra Ro, CEO Global Blockchain Business Council

Alex Dunmow, CEO Ninja Software

John Nguyen, CTO Ninja Software


Completing our blockchain unit opens new opportunities in the emerging industries, entrepreneurship, and research. If you are interested in pursuing the research path, UWA has world’s leading scholars and resources to assist you in this exciting journey. Please check out UWA’s Accounting and Finance department for relevant PhD opportunities. If you are interested in research in other disciplines and areas than Finance, please contact Andrzej for assistance.


We are already in the Metaverse!

Metaverse Meets BUSN5001

Learn about metaverse from those who are building it. Only in our class 1 Sep Thu 7pm, UWA Business School BUSN:G89. Continually bridging the real world with academia to provide students with the latest authentic and active learning experience. 

P2P learning in BUSN5001

P2P LEARNING: In BUSN5001 Blockchain in Business, we walk the talk in innovative blockchain education with an amazing network of peers: Cameron McIntoshColin Ang, Dimitri TsagarisDirk BaurEmanuel Gomez, Hina Lalchandani, Jac BirtJack RettyJoseph RossRishabh Ramchandani and our fifth wave of blockchain grads! Great start to our interactive education in Sem2, 2022!


About Dr Andrzej Gwizdalski

Dr Andrzej Gwizdalski, is a multi-award winning educator at the UWA Business School. He originally developed and teaches one of Australia’s first comprehensive master level units on blockchain technologies in business (BUSN5001) and has recently developed a full Master Program in Blockchain and Digital Assets. His pedagogical excellence has been recognised by international standard accreditations, such as the Higher Education Academy and private institutions, like the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation and the Australian Institute of Management. He frequently presents public lectures and conference papers and offers research and education services to start-ups and corporate organisations via Blockchain Technologies Knowledge Network (btkn.org). He also advises policymakers and local governments, like the City of Nedlands on smart city solutions and developments.

Leading Teaching & Learning Innovation

Andrzej is a recognised leader championing the innovation in teaching and learning and making education easily accessible to all students. In the Web 2 era he took the leadership in designing and developing an award winning (2016) free website building platform UWA BLOGS for UWA students and staff. He also led the development of autonomous video recording studios – One Button Studio – that contributed to the digital transition to online learning at UWA. Since 2020 Andrzej is developing Web3 infrastructure and Metaverse Labs for taking students to the edge of innovation in teaching and learning.

Charitable Community Work

Andrzej has voluntarily worked for over 20 years with diverse youth communities, often from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds. He has used digital media technologies, art and entrepreneurship to improve wellbeing, mental health and create work and employment opportunities for young people from rural Australia and newly arrived refugee youth. Andrzej is proud to work with Australian Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs developing a sovereign Indigenous-led Web3 platform for the creation, distribution and ownership of Australian Indigenous art.

NFT: Andrzej Gwizdalski as ‘Techno Mage” – special gift from Ninja Software

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UWA’s Web3 Metaverse Labs are real – on 1 September 2022, my students in BUSN5001 and I initiated UWA’s first teaching and learning on-chain in Web3 and laid the foundations (also on-chain!) for our p2p permissibleness Web3 Metaverse Labs created with the students and for the students with a strong focus on innovative teaching and learning. Our Innovative labs build on UWA’s first blockchain hub, Blockchain Technologies Knowledge Network  (BTKN@UWA) I created in 2018, and our first BTKN token created in 2020. The Web3 Metaverse labs open a whole range of new opportunities for developing digital Web3 economy, we have been learning about in the last five years in BUSN5001. We welcome any support and collaboration from other students, academics, community and industry partners!

I envision our Web3 labs as a flagship metaverse tool for innovative teaching and learning at UWA and beyond. I expand on the success of my previous two award-winning teaching ad learning innovations, at UWA (UWA Blogs and One Button Studio) that build student’s digital literacy and entrepreneurial skills for the new web3 economy. The practical labs are an important complementary element to expanding the success of BUSN5001 blockchain education into a full  interdisciplinary study program with a Graduate Certificate and Master Level courses, we are developing with colleagues across departments at UWA. You can support and participate in our innovation by contacting me any time. 



Blockchain Technologies Knowledge Network (btkn.org) is an independednt research and education centre focusing on blockchain enerpreneurship and innovation.

Community Engagement

Engage in genuine community driven blockchain innovation, like CryptoMob – First Nation Peoples platform for NFTs multimedia art and metaverse.