China & Australia Business Culture

  Here, you can watch this video about the business culture perspective of China and Australia. From two aspects – “Doing business China” and “Business culture in Australia”, the video demonstrates products of culture as well as the nature of norms and values. First, it introduces some interesting terms while doing business in China, such […]

One Billion Customers: One of the Essential Books Consulpedia Recommends

To many the current state of economics is interesting, perhaps even disappointing but what many more individuals find even more enticing is the future. We are all looking to the future and even if you aren’t necessarily looking to immediately start further investigating your opportunities in China for your business, knowledge regarding this very important partner of […]

Are you ready to expand into China?

What a great article to kick off the first week of Consulpedia! The Asian Ecomony The Asian market is, historically, a really difficult sector to break into, however it is also incredibly fruitful. There are a great many benefits though that come with being able to bring your business into one of the biggest economies in […]