Second Interactive Video

We have developed a second interactive video. Thanks to the brilliant work of Siobhan and Nikki (actors and narrators) and Michelle Bunting from the CEF (editor in chief) we were able to make a very flash looking video.

This looks great in my opinion and the buttons and countdown add to the video.

We are in the process of evaluating this video with the first year students. The feedback thus far has been very positive.

Designing and storyboarding

The process of designing a new interactive learning platform for pre laboratory activities involves a lot of prep work. We wanted to move away from a passive method of delivering information to a more active learning experience. The idea is to make an online video that allows students to continue along different pathways and try out different experiments in a virtual environment. By allowing the students to have a choice we can provide feedback on their outcome, whether it is the desired outcome or not.

Hard at work designing the storyboard
Hard at work designing the storyboard


Tristan, Siobhan, Nikki and I all got together and worked on the design of the storyboard we wanted to use for the online video. The storyboard is a crucial part of the process. As it allows you to view your design and you can instantly see if there are any dead ends, which would make continuation of the pre lab videos impossible.

The first storyboard
The first storyboard


Once you have the storyboard set it makes the filming of the video a lot easier. You can see the finished video with all the interactive options in the embedded video below (if it works!!). It worked on Blackboard and we were able to use Youtubes annotations as an easy way to get to our desired effect. The only problem with this is that it does not work on mobile devices. So we had to tell students to only use a desktop computer when viewing the video.

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