Quality of sleep is crucial to sound mental health


When it comes to the quality of one’s sleep, it is fair to say that we have all dealt with our own blocks and challenges. Sometimes, no matter how much you might want to get a good night’s sleep, it can feel impossible. But what is being proven again and again in recent history, is that not getting a good night’s sleep, and therefore initiating an unhealthy sleeping pattern, can prove to have a devastating effect on the human psyche (among other things). It might some as a surprise to some to learn that the quality of their sleep has a direct impact on not only their physical health, but their mental health as well.

Understanding why sleep is important for the physical body

These days, sleep is recognised as one of the key contributing factors to one’s physical health. When we do not get enough sleep, our body is deprived of the rest and replenishment that the body needs to get through the following day. Modern life is so busy that we often forget to take care of ourselves as a top priority, but the importance of doing just that never wavers. The physical body needs sleep so that it can refresh itself and give itself a chance to recharge before diving into the next day. While we have a strong understanding of how sleep impacts physical health, it also heavily impacts our mental health, and that is even more important, arguably.

Understanding why sleep is instrumental for the mental state

Mental health is arguably more important than physical health. Why? Think of it like this: if you are physically tired, you can generally move around and get things done – even if it is at a slower pace than usual. If you are mentally drained, however, it is difficult to do even the most basic tasks, like getting out of bed in the morning. The brain and our mentality are the drivers of our entire psyche and overall health, and when they are not functioning at their best, this is where the most impact is felt. Having the best foam mattress or using essential oils to help you drift off to sleep is great, but taking care of your mentality is paramount.

Consistently working towards achieving great quality of sleep

At the end of the day, there is something intriguing about understanding sleep as the instrumental contributor to overall health that it is. Once that understanding has been reached, it is incredibly important, even crucial, to maintain it. There is something to be said about prioritising one’s own health above all else, and that starts with prioritising your sleeping pattern. Feeling well rested and ready to take on the day can and often (if not always) does have a dramatic effect on how you get through the day and how your sleep health functions and thrives. Mental health is the core of overall health, and sleep health is the leading contributor to establishing and maintaining a positive mental state.

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