Ways in which millennials are changing dentistry


The millennial generation has become the center of attention for all industries in recent years. Companies have seen both rise and fall by being able to attract the millennial audience. Many industries see millennials as a threat especially when these industries fail to accommodate the modern needs and wants of customers. Dentistry is one of such industries that is still just beginning to become friendly to the millennial audience and has started to adapt to the changes due to this shift of audience. Millennials are changing dentistry by changing the way dental centers market themselves, by changing customer service, and by being more inclined to holistic approaches in all medicine. Millennials are a different market for a dentist that only operates from a particular location through word of mouth. The addition of technology, availability of post-treatment products, and time constraints usually form the final decision of the millennial patient. Therefore, a professional or provider must come to terms with such advancements and integrate them into the system.

Here are two ways millennials are changing dentistry

  1. Technology

The younger generation uses their technological devices more than any other amenities available to them. Technology, therefore, is a major factor in the decision making process of millennials to go forth with a treatment, service, or professional. Many millennials reach to social media to find out more about the dental health centers they will be visiting and might even go through the profile of their potential dentists. In today’s world, it is extremely necessary for professionals to be available on digital platforms where they can be reviewed and reached out to. Additionally, dentistry is getting accustomed to integrating better technological facilities in their workspaces to provide added value to customers as well as comfort.

  1. Holistic Approach

The millennial obsession with holistic wellness is widely known. In recent years, the wellness industry has grown significantly and the desire for a healthy lifestyle has become widespread. Millennials look for dentists that can provide highly technological treatments but also to those who believe in homeopathic medicine for post-treatment. More researchers and writers are using holistic medicine as a means to connect and provide to the millennial audience. Moreover, young patients do not go to dentists just for a quick-fix, they want to know the root of the problem and the ways in which to prevent it from happening again by changing their diets and lifestyle. This is a significantly different approach than what the dental care world has seen before and dentists must integrate it to their practice as medical professionals.

While holistic care and health are important to millennials they still do not have the time management skills to always dedicate themselves to these. Therefore, even department stores can take advantage of this audience and provide several dental care products as CVS and Walgreens have. Millennials also look for services that can accommodate to their time, many professionals approach this challenge and have begun to offer remote and at-home services. One can assume that it is only a matter of time until dental care is provided to patients in the comfort of their own homes. Thus, if the dental industry wishes to keep growing, it must advance side by side with the innovations and changes to attract the millennial market.

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