The discoveries doing the most to improve sleep health


Sleep health is a facet of overall health that has been gaining more and more attention lately. It seems that, every other day these days, there is a new discovery aimed at helping to solve the challenges that cause sleep issues. And frankly, it is about time that this finally happened. While physical health, emotional health, and even mental health (at long last) have gotten quite their fair share of attention and innovation over the years, sleep health is just as important – if not more so – because not only is it an incredibly important contributing aspect of overall health, but it also actively and constantly works towards controlling how the body literally functions, and even thrives. So, what are the latest and greatest discoveries that are doing the most to improve sleep health?

Finding a solution in an unlikely place

A new trend in holistic medication is CBD – it is now found in various forms ranging from incense to essential oils. Boasting a slew of benefits, especially to mental health, CBD oil goes a long way towards helping to alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression, chronic pain, inflammation, skin conditions, and some seizure disorders, and most recently, disjointed sleeping patterns and insomnia.

Isolated from the other compounds of the plant it derives from, CBD is an effective relaxant which can help combat stress. Its natural properties work to alleviate anxiety and other stresses which commonly work against the body when an individual is trying to fall asleep. The properties in the CBD oil work their magic by effectively and successfully alleviating the body from those negative stresses, and with the body no longer functioning on high alert, it is easier for the individual to drift off to sleep.

Inviting the darkness in

There is something to be said for having no screen time in the hours leading up to going to sleep. spending time in front of screens or in brightly lit areas not long before going to sleep can keep the brain on high alert, which makes it difficult for the body to relax and sink into a peaceful and steady slumber. Instead of being near bright lights before going to sleep, try literally inviting the darkness in. Turning your phone on silent and placing it face down so the light does not penetrate the cloak of inky darkness (if you even have to have your phone in your room at all), buying blackout curtains, and going to sleep at the same general time every night will help create a routine that encourages and embraces a healthy sleeping pattern.

Making use of essential oils and teas

Believe it or not, the scents you surround yourself with prior to going to sleep can and do have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. Having a calming tea before bed while reading, or using essential oil blends either in a scent diffuser or directly on your skin allows for the body to be literally immersed in calming and relaxing scents. This works wonders and allows you to drift into a calm and sound sleep. Just like smelling one’s favourite flower makes them feel happy, making active and consistent use of certain scents like lavender and rose oil will help to calm and relax the body, which will help you to get to sleep easier.

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