The Health Benefits Associated with Wine


When it comes to knowing some cold, hard facts about wine, many individuals are quick to point out the negatives they have heard along the grapevine, but seem generally much less informed of the health benefits that are associated with drinking wine. Around the globe, wine is a beverage that brings people together, that makes them feel comforted and empowered, warm and content. There is something undeniably exhilarating about sitting back with a glass of wine and letting it wash over you as you enjoy your time to yourself, or an enjoyable social outing where you get to have a few glasses of wine and enjoy yourself.

However, these are just the facts surrounding how wine can positively impact how we feel. As for the genuine health benefits of drinking wine, there are actually more than you might think. In fact, there are many areas of health and wellbeing that wine is said to positively impact. Each of the health benefits associated with wine that are listed below have been listed because of their connections with scientific studies and research, and therefore their higher probability of credibility regarding their genuine impacts on an individual’s health and wellbeing. So, here are four of the biggest health benefits associated with drinking wine.

Assists with weight loss

There is a chemical found in berries and red wine called resveratrol. This chemical essentially turns bad fats into good, calorie-burning fats that the human body turns into energy. There have been many studies and much research into this exact claim, and it seems to generally hold up quite well. Perhaps one of the more unexpected health benefits of drinking wine, this is also one of the most heavily researched not just among medical and scientific professionals, but individuals looking to lose weight for themselves.

Reduces the risk of certain cancers

The same chemical that assists in weight loss – resveratrol – has been tried and tested and appears to slow down the growth of cancer cells. This outcome is achieved as the resveratrol essentially causes the cancerous cells to cannibalize themselves, an effective yet disturbing take on the impact that chemic resveratrol has on the human body.

Improves mental health

A glass of wine a day could assist in keeping the blues away. Or at least, that is the consensus according to various studies in recent years. There is an undeniable sense of warmth that comes with enjoying a glass of wine after a challenging day, and according to science, there is a lot more to that feeling than the sense of relaxation that swells through you.

Assists in fighting the common cold

And finally, a glass of wine is said to have a genuine impact in assisting the human body to effectively fight off the common old. One of the seemingly more standard health benefits of drinking wine, this is actually one of the most widely felt impacts, given the general commonality of colds in comparison to the other health complexities listed above.