Why you should make a good nights sleep a priority

Having a poor sleep habit can cause adverse effects during your student life. The time spent in your high school and college life is precious and should be used wisely for the best reasons. Doing everything such as socializing with friends, completing courses, and other activities can take a significant toll on your life, leaving you with insufficient sleep. Missing sleep once or twice might not have an adverse effect, but doing it regularly can cause severe issues to your physical and mental well-being. Therefore, it is advised to prioritize your sleep by having a good sleep schedule to make your school days happier, healthier, and successful.

Consequences of sleep deprivation:

The consequences of sleep deprivation can vary from person to person. One fascinating fact regarding sleep deprivation is that sleep deprivation can have the same impact as drinking alcohol. For example, staying awake for more than 18 hours can have an adverse effect, such as blood alcohol level content can increase to 0.05%. This increases by 10% when staying awake for 24 hours resulting in 0.08% BAC.

There are several signs of chronic sleep deprivation, some of which are mentioned below.

• Sleepiness during daytime and fatigue
• Having a short temper and getting irritated easily
• Changes in the mood quite often
• Find it hard to cope with stress
• You can face difficulty in focusing, remembering, and concentrating
• Brain fog

Chronic sleep deprivation for the long term can have severe effects on your mental and physical health. For example, insufficient sleep has been linked to several issues such as obesity, weight gain, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and many more. In addition, several types of research done by Harvard Medical school show that sleep deprivation and mental health can be linked as certain disorders such as anxiety and depression arise due to sleep deprivation.

Importance of sleep for high school and college students:

You might have heard people telling you the advantages of going to bed early and having a quality sleep is all real. As a college student, if you can maintain the quality of your sleep, then you will surely see some vast improvements in your academics which is rewarding.

Having quality sleep have several advantages:

1. You won’t feel tired or stressed during the day and fully perform everything you do.
2. You do not have to stay dependent on caffeine to support you to be awake.
3. You tend to be more attentive during lectures, and this makes you more productive.

The relationship between your sleep and your academic performance goes beyond attentiveness and concentration.

Sleep is vital to consolidate memories. Several experiments show learning something and then sleeping over it will help you remember it for a long time. This shows that quality sleep helps to improve your memory and memory consolidation.

Besides, there is also a good connection between sleep quality and stress.
When you are an active student, you have to go through a lot each day. Students that sleep well can cope well with stress and stay calm in all situations. One thing to notice is that the less you sleep, the more chances you get stressed, which is continuous like a vicious cycle that is hard to overcome. Gradually, in the long run, you will face psychiatric problems.

The combination of stress and less sleep can result in mental health disorders and excess anxiety.

There are specific tips to get more sleep as students, some of which are mentioned below.

Tips to get more sleep:

• Limit the consumption of caffeine during bedtime.
• As a college student, you should avoid any alcohol intake
• Avoid using an electronic screen before sleep
• Establish a sleep schedule and follow it for the best results
• Limit the use of the bed. Use it only for sleeping
• Use clean bedsheets to encourage you to sleep on time

The points mentioned above help students cope with sleep and ensure that they get good quality sleep. As students, it is essential to get proper sleep for the best results.

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