Goal Setting During University

According to Dr. Gail Matthews from the Dominican University in California, goals and dreams are 42% more achievable simply by writing them down on a regular basis. At McGill University in Montreal, Canada, Dominique Morisano got a group of students to write down detailed life goals which ultimately improved their GPAs significantly. It’s just a matter of replacing patterns in our subconscious with more positive and empowering patterns.

To lay down a good foundation, begin with a plan which is made of small, doable steps. A destination is much easier to reach with a solid plan. Having a general idea about how to reach your goals is not as powerful as a step by step roadmap.

Here are three simple steps for you to build a foundation for organizing your goals and seeing them through:


The first step to achieving your goals is to organize them in an orderly fashion. Figure out what you are striving for by asking yourself a few deep but simple questions. You have to be able to connect your goals to meaningful reasons that resonate with you.

If you have strong reasons tied to your goals you will follow through with them. If you don’t, they will be harder to achieve. Make sure you avoid superficial reasons because reasons that mean something to you will have a greater impact and work better.


The next step is to begin writing down your goals. Once you have established strong reasons, you now have to move your goals from the abstract realm to the realm of reality through the action of writing.

So get yourself a good diary or journal. Something that you can feel attached to, that appeals to you and makes you want to write in it all the time. Your goal journal should only be used for this purpose. Drop by your local bookstore or somewhere like MiGoals to find a goal journal that suits you.

Goals have to be specific and written in a clear language. Once placed on paper your goals have already been manifested into the real world from the world of your thoughts.


The final step to turn your goals into reality is to consistently review them by reading them, if possible out loud.

Read these goals out loud a couple of times the next day while affirming your intentions to achieve them. By reading your goals, you are affirming your intention to achieve them. Mentally visualizing yourself completing your goals is also helpful at this point and is a great way for you to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the real thing.

Eventually, these goals will work their way into your subconscious and this is where you begin to internalize your goals and have them become a tangible part of you.

In the process, you may get new ideas, new goals or new dreams. These are all good signs that your subconscious is working out the details you need to be truly successful.

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