Why UWA Should Offer Fashion Design Courses

University is a place where students come to grow. They do this by challenging current beliefs, learning about new approaches, and most of all broadening their horizons. The fashion industry is a sector of society that is not always seen as important. However fashion has affected the fabric of our society just as much as a traditional history course might. Did you know that wars have been fought over access to raw materials such as diamond ring settings used to make jewelry and textiles used to create garments?

UWA should offer fashion courses because it will make it a better school and a leader in a space that still is trying to find it’s home. The following reasons explain why UWA should offer courses in fashion design, history, and merchandising.

Reason #1. Attracts a Diverse Student Body

A University is only as good as the students who decide to attend. Diversity in course offerings plays an important role in student’s decision to enroll at a University. Offering Fashion courses will attract people from all different sectors of society creating a more interesting campus experience for current and future UWA students.

Reason #2. Jewelry Design can be a lucrative market.

 A course in Jewelry design particularly how to create custom jewelry and fashion jewelry can teach students about artistry and entrepreneurship. While creating various designs one can learn how best to market and sell their pieces to different audiences.

Reason #3. Fashion is relevant to everyone

There are many areas of society that are touched by the fashion industry in both negative and positive ways. The fashion industry is the 2nd largest polluter on the planet contributing greatly to global warming, contaminated water systems, and waste. The more courses being taught relating to fashion and it’s environmental impact can increase knowledge of these problems. Increased knowledge can lead to the development of a solution.

Reason #4. Students can learn Art.

Did you know that machines are taking more and more jobs that people use to do. People are needed that know how to use a needle to create intricate designs that are too detailed for a robot to make. UWA can fill this gap in the market by creating courses where students learn the ins and outs of this type of work.

Whether it’s diversifying the student body, staying globally relevant, and creating a workforce that’s ready for the world’s challenges, fashion design courses are necessary for the growth of the university. These reasons are only just a few. There are endless ways knowledge in fashion can make our world better for the present and especially the future.

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UWA Grads Considering Postgraduate Study in America? Here’s How to Nail the US Colleges’ Admission Essay

College admission officers spend so much time rifling through hundreds of applications that after awhile, they all start to look the same. Keep in mind that this essay shouldn’t be repeating anything that is already on your application – this isn’t the place to list your accolades or discuss your GPA – it should be something entirely new. Here are five tips to help set you apart from the rest of the applicant pool:

  1. Tell them who you are

This essay is the first step in introducing yourself to the admission officers and a guaranteed forward pathway for success. It is a way to show how your mind works, how you view the world and how you are able to communicate it to people. Don’t tell them outright that you are passionate about community service, show it to them by showcasing personal anecdotes. You should present yourself as a passionate, curious individual. Write about something that matters to you as it shows character. Any friend of yours who reads this essay, should know that it embodies you.

  1. Use vocabulary that you know

If you use any outsourced essay writing services, there will be a possibility that you will not sound like yourself. This will reflect poorly on you if the college of your choice decides to conduct an interview as part of the application process. We recommend that you write how you would speak, because then your unique “voice” would be present. Using SAT words and tough vocabulary will only make your essay sound stiff and unpersonable; don’t pretend to be someone you are not.

  1. Write concisely

Less is always more. Succinct sentences are better than long, flowery ones. This is because run-on sentences take longer attention spans – of which people tend to not have. If your writing is concise and engaging, people will not scan or go away, they will pay attention and read. Mini anecdotes naturally grab the reader’s attention and it is an easy way to involve them in the story. An additional tip is to write out what you are thinking and then formatting and summarizing it for the essay.

  1. Organize your writing

Analyze the prompt thoroughly and follow the instructions. A simple outline will help organize your thoughts and help you decide the flow within paragraphs. It is important that all the paragraphs connect with each other, because then the arguments will make sense. The outline will also help you determine how long the essay will be and this is especially helpful if you have a word limit. It is helpful to start early and write several drafts, because changing real-life experiences may have an impact on what you choose to write and how you write it.

  1. Read it out loud

The most valuable advice a college professor once gave me was to read my essay out loud to find errors. This method proved better than giving drafts to multiple people to edit, because they will all have clashing opinions. Reading your essay out loud will show which sentences are awkward or too long or just need changing in general. Self awareness is key.

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