Knowledge’s Tips to Nailing your Next UWA Essay

Whether it is for a college-application essay or a cover letter; we all experienced sitting in front of our computers, suffering through writer’s blocks. We’ve compiled 5 tips to help you through your struggle, so take a deep breath before making any rash decisions:

Your interests

Say you chose an important issue to comment on, do not go over to blogs or news websites as their opinions might cloud yours. You should research the basic facts over the issue, and formulate your opinion from that. Instead of talking about what you think is interesting about yourself, show what you are interested in and why. Most admission officers are looking for unique and different passions in potential candidates. Find your niche and own it.


If you have been writing academic essays in school, then you would know that structure is important. The introduction is especially crucial, because it should catch the eyes of the readers. You should be able to clearly state the main topic of your essay, what your argument is and how you are going to argue for or against it. The essay should also have a nice flow, with no convoluted or choppy sentences. Typically the first paragraph is the introduction, then two to three paragraphs to articulate your point, and finally the last paragraph should tie a nice bow-tie around the essay – try to end with a quote and write your thoughts on it.

Creative thinking

Before you start thinking of cliches, do some research to avoid things that could potentially be pet peeves of the admission office/job recruiters. This method can help you narrow down your topic choices and ultimately the best essay topic for you. Try to open your essay with a personal story or anecdote. Everyone is always trying to fit in, no matter where they are in life. You want the reader to be able to relate to your story and your struggles. Relation by coincidence tend to stay in our memories longer.

Be humble

It is okay to admit you have weaknesses. This essay should convey your most vulnerable self as it is time to cast away your pride and vanity. The best way to go about things is to acknowledge your weakness or a challenge you have faced in life, and how you were about go about that. Talking about how you overcome the challenges and what you learned from them can show the reader your critical thinking and problem solving skills. Knowing what you did wrong isn’t enough. You need to know how to fix it as well. We don’t recommend you seek a “buy essays” service as this can hinder creativity.


Spell-check isn’t going to be your only lifesaver this time. It is important to get opinions from your peers, friends or even parents about your essay. The most valuable tip someone ever gave was to read your essay out loud, as that can help you spot errors or awkward sentences.

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Did millennials ruin conventional education?

An idea, passed on, inherits the qualities of a fact through time and repetition. The one thing that sets it apart is the lack of evidence and verifiability. Younger generations have always borne the dissatisfactions of their predecessors. It has been happening for years now, the previous generation blaming the later ones for problems first created by them.

But the tables have turned and Millennials are accusing baby boomers of ruining the economy, inflating prices and the cost of living to an unaffordable standard but instead of wanting them to take responsibility over societal pressures of climbing a corporate ladder and throwing themselves into writing a university personal statement for the prestige of going to an Ivy League or furthering the education, some have taken it upon themselves to carve a new lifestyle in order to not just survive, but to thrive.

Technology has played its part in liberating them from convention. Perhaps one of the reasons for the speed of change is how millennials have noticed the futility of traditional methods. A graduate has no more opportunities than the next, and they are dogged down by loans.

It has no doubt encouraged a growth of entrepreneurs, but there are also those who are able to work remotely and enjoy a good life of constant travel with a constant paycheck. However, influencers have also become the new American Dream. Being an icon to the masses have allowed extravagant living from endorsements of the public. Blonde Salad is one such individual, who has risen to celebrity status and is able to sell her shoes at $500 a pair.

There have been many arguments regarding millennials and the constant criticism they face. On the flip side, Forbes has expressed views regarding this as a problem young adults face as opposed to a generational one. Furthermore, it is worth noting that millennials stand at the top of the pyramid of criticism due to the prevalence of social media. Before the growth of social media and websites, opinions were published in magazines and the like. Technology has allowed opinions to flourish. Therefore, instead of pointing fingers at statistics caused by recent trends,  and taking those numbers as face value, one should be able to think in practical terms.

It is apparent that millennials are taking education less seriously. A report by an international organization run by youths, AIESEC, have recently revealed that millennials are not interested in education, mainly due to their lack of faith in it.

But this separation from conventional education has also allowed for advancements and improvements to education. One fine example is personalized learning, something that Summit Sierra employs. Teaches are hired to guide rather than to lecture, allowing students freedom in choosing what to focus on. It encourages self growth and grooms one’s initiative.

While it is true that technology could be served as a distraction, remember that it is not the gun that kills people, it is the person who is holding it. In a way, the interconnectedness of millennials and technology has forced civilization to rethink society and while change might not always be for the better, it is a constant that allows us to improve.

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