Building the perfect presentation template for college

Image result for student presentationWhen you’re preparing your university or college presentation, graphic design matters. The following guidelines will help your presentation stand out amidst classmate competition and ensure you not only a passing grade, but also an attractive presentation.

  1. You want to keep the design of your presentation consistent with the subject matter and your university’s guidelines. Check your professor’s instructions and either download on of the many free presentation templates online or create your own. The template creates a “branding” to your presentation. Students and teachers are able to get an immediate feel for the tone of your presentation by the design of your template. This aides you in getting your messaging across more quickly, and helping you to get that messaging to stick in the minds of your audience members.
  2. Take time. It’s ok to take your time when it comes to graphic design. Presentation templates allow you to speed the process up by having a one-size-fits-all graphic design base to customize upon. This is nice for you, the designer, and will serve your project well, creating a basic color and design scheme. But then there is the process of customization. You are filling in content and adjusting the basic template to fit your needs. The customization is what helps you get your point across and show that you care about your subject matter. Take your time customizing your the header and footer of each slide. Add graphics instead of words–charts, graphs, infographics, etc. These will provide an image instead of just a stream of consciousness. Work your way through each slide and enjoy the design process. If you let yourself take your time, it can actually be fun.
  3. Concentrate on content. When you’re designing your presentation, you want to make sure the content is front and center. Edit down your wording so that it is short and to the point. You want to create short and sweet information soundbites for your audience so they are able to come away with what is most important. Graphic design is fun, and it can often be the funnest part of the job. But you have to also make sure to create clean and readable content to match it.
  4. When in doubt, go minimalistic. Presentations in college or university usually offer up a lot of information at once. Teachers will often themselves break this rule–instead opting for packing in as much information into a class as they can. With presentations you want to focus on your main points. And you want your template/design to serve these main points. As you design and write in your presentation, you are inevitably going to experience doubt as to what to include/ not include. When in doubt, leave it out. The simpler, the better when it comes to graphic design. It will be easier on the eyes of your audience, and you. As you talk your way through the presentation you can always embellish points with your own conversation. The design and content of the presentation itself, though, should be short and to the point.

Excelling leadership qualities

youngleader-e1424396119533-653x339.jpgEvery successful business owner knows that leadership training is important because it empowers the employees, especially those who manage a team. However, not all leadership trainings are successful. Let’s find out the reasons why your training might be failing and how to improve it.

Curriculum-Centric Training
One of the biggest mistakes of many leadership training courses is that they are curriculum-centric instead of people centric. Each crowd of participants is different. If a leadership coach models his or her teaching methods based solely on the curriculum without actually learning something about the crowd and how they think, it’ll just be one-sided learning. One-sided learning without crowd participation hardly works.

The only solution to this is to adapt a training program that is more people-centric rather than program-centric. This is why partnering with a professional training institute is a good choice because they have speakers and coaches who can easily adapt the fixed curriculum to the students.

Training That Teaches Conforming
This is extremely dangerous, especially in companies that need innovation. A lot of  leadership courses favor a more conformist approach where you have to adhere to certain standards of work and mindset. In a sense, these courses don’t teach people to become dynamic leaders. What they do teach is how to maintain the status quo.

One way to fix this is to go understand the culture of the institute or the speaker for the training before you hire them. It’s good to find leadership coaches who encourage innovation and risk-taking since that is what it’ll take for a company to grow.

Role-Centered Leadership
Most people in leadership positions are empowered by their roles, not by their abilities as a leader. This is because most people are taught to view their roles as their “source of power”. This is known as a role-centered approach to leadership. This doesn’t teach you how to become a true leader. Instead, it’ll only teach you how to take charge only when you’re tasked to do the job.

On the other hand, a person-centered approach helps you to apply your leadership skills in all aspects of your life. This means that even without a managerial role or a leadership status, you know how and where to take charge. This is a very important trait in any employee.

Final Thoughts
When your leadership training isn’t producing the quality workers and leaders that you would want it to, then perhaps the problem is the approach of the course. Take a look at the problems that we’ve mentioned above and their possible solutions. The biggest problem that leadership courses would face are outdated ideals and teaching methods that simply don’t work with the new generation anymore.

If you want your leadership training courses to produce quality staff, then you have to make sure the course adjusts to them and not the other way around. The lessons have to be appreciated by the people if you want the people to apply them.


Dynamic Resume Templates: Ways to Botox your CV to Land your Dream Job


Jobs are like money. There may be loads of them out there yet you don’t have any. It’s similar to being out in the ocean with water everywhere but not a drop to quench your thirst. The twist of fate in your lack of a better job or none at all can in the same breath equate to the difference in money trapping strategies. While some people’s pockets remain dented season after season, others appear to be recession-proof because they jump from one lucrative job to the next while you remain at the bottom pile of the human capital pyramid.

So what ’s your sin?

In the race for job search, none is cursed and neither should you deem yourself unlucky. All you need to do is to restructure and reinvent your job hunt strategy – bringing about the idea resume botox. According to Michael Weiss, a Los Angeles Marketing Consultant, resume botox refers to the quest to stand out in a pool of job applicants and there is no better way to do this than to embrace the power of dynamic resume templates.

The templates enable you to eschew career death traps that most people fall into. Lisa Johnson Mandell of the Forbes magazine gives an example of Betty Crocker who found herself unable to get a job despite her 25 years experience as a high-profile writer and photographer. According to Crocker, she didn’t pay attention to the benefits of embracing vibrant resume templates. Subsequently, you may be an excellent writer but your job applications keep ending up in the trash bin because you don’t look at resume templates as the attractive packages that sell the eloquent content within your resume and cover letter.

The botox resume design effects

The term resume botox was coined by the Wall Street Journal a couple of years ago to capture the changing times in the job search market. This is what you need to erase any sins that you’ve committed in your job search endeavors. One such sin is using the same resume to apply for multiple jobs. Note that if you’re an accountant, for example, the CV template that you use to apply for a job opening in a tech firm or in a medical institution should be different from the one you use to apply for a job in a company that deals with beauty products or agricultural equipment.

Note that a HR manager in an engineering firm is used to reviewing CVs from people with an engineering background. A product designer who is looking for a job in an engineering firm should subsequently look for a resume template that captures his or her creativity as a designer and communicates his or her interest in engineering at the same time. A fashion designer with a CV that looks like an astronaut’s resume is less likely to beat other applicants whose resume templates reflect their love fashion, art or design.

Of resume botox and resume editing

To revisit Croker’s case, she got stuck in the jobless corner despite her years of experience because she used a misguided resume template. She did not bother to check online and take note of what’s trending and what’s archaic. As a matter of fact, people who take online CV writing agencies for granted usually miss the opportunity to appear in the shortlist of a dream job column.

Dynamic resume templates are designed to guide your decision on what to include and what to exclude in your CV. The idea behind resume botox is to make your academic background and professional experience sound fresh and revitalized. Professional resume templates come with exact pagination to attain brevity and professional attributes by excluding mind-numbing clichés such “self-motivated individual with years of experience and excellent management skills.”

While erstwhile CV templates open up with unwinding career objectives or vision statements, a modern resume template give a distinct and sincere one-line objective. It, therefore, cuts off whimsical stories about your dream to change the world and make a long-lasting impact by going straight to the point. Note that your career objective at the time when you’re making the job application is to secure the chance. Consequently, a vibrant resume template will guide you to write something to the effect of, “seeking employment to contribute my skills and expertise in such and such an industry. Full stop.

Botox oriented resume templates rearrange your CVs outlook from a standing pyramid to the inverted pyramid style. It opens up with the most important facts about your career credentials and by starting with a summary of your work proficiency, you give potential employers a glimpse of rare professional traits.

The old CV templates often start by highlighting academic credentials. This may only work if you want to attract an employer’s attention with academic papers from a world-class learning institution. However, not all of us can fit into a Yale, Harvard, Oxford or a Princeton class. Having attended an average university doesn’t mean that you can’t secure your dream job especially with the availability of tons of online resume templates with the botox effect. It’s not an issue of where you went to school but what your resume template and content suggest you can do at a glance.