Why writing is crucial for professional development


Most students in developed countries start going to school at a young age. Whether they start at three in pre-k or begin at the age of five in kindergarten, school and student academic education becomes an integral portion of their lives from 7-3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Students start by learning the basics of writing, reading, and mathematics. Later on throughout their academic career they will begin to learn more in depth concepts regarding reading comprehension and how to write proper essays. Writing an essay that has proper content, grammar and properly states an argument or analyzes a subject becomes a way that educators and other academic professionals understand how well a student understands a subject area.

Writing an essay can be a fantastic way to connect to an audience to explain and educate them on a subject. Many teachers require students to learn about proper academic research in order to properly cite their arguments and back up their given information. Some young students will be the future professors doing academic research, so it’s important to learn it from a young age. Researchers are the ones who uncover ideas and discover new ones.

All types of writing can differ from research to narrative. All types of writing are important. Some types of writing are to convey expression while other ones scientifically explain phenomena and formulate predictions. Writing is a skill just like any other that takes great practice and criticism. Some students may get discouraged as they feel that their writings are extremely critiqued by educators, but constructive criticism in academic and narrative writing are both extremely important. If a writer wishes to become highly regarded in their professional field, in order to be published they must actually seek out other professionals to peer review their research papers. In order for a journal to actually publish it, it takes a group of credible professionals to agree and peer review the paper.

Being able to professionally write an academic paper shows a high level of intellect and expertise in a regarded subject area. Some individuals do face difficulty bringing thoughts to fruition on paper. For this reason, many essay writing services do reach out and help those in need of a properly written paper. Some services allow students or even professionals to purchase help where they need it. From a high school research paper, to a collegiate-level dissertation, professionally trained writers are all over the world and ready to help. Generally essay services are purchased based on length/word count and the level of education needed for the final product.

Whether one chooses to seek information about writing consulting services, or to learn more about how to write better on their own, it’s a skill that is necessary for professional development in any field. If students choose to pursue higher education and obtain a master’s degree, they will be required to write some form of term paper or manuscript to prove their mastery in the subject area. It’s important to learn advanced forms of writing to maintain a credible source. There are no good writers or bad writers; just those who write often and those who don’t.

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