4 reasons why you should pursue a Postgrad Degree


Imagine having gone through undergraduate scholarships in Australia and looking at pursuing a postgrad degree. There are many reasons one may employ to dissuade oneself. However, there are many more reasons why it comes highly recommended.

For some majors, higher education is typically not needed, but for those who wish to study a more concentrated part of their field, is recommended to do so. Here are four reasons why you should pursue a postgraduate degree:

  • Feel young again

If you are sick of working and ‘adulting’, don’t go for short courses, go for the whole package. What makes school a unique place is everything that goes with it – that ironically isn’t studying. Save the Europe road trip for later and go to school again, learn something new and make something of yourself – especially if you feel like your life has been hit on pause.

  • Study Abroad

Some if not all universities nowadays offer a study abroad program where students will be able to study in their city of choice for a semester or a full year. In addition to earning your degree, you will be able to do it in a foreign environment. The new surroundings will help reinvigorate your passion for your major and also increase your knowledge about the country’s diversity. Through this opportunity, you can also build networks that cross cultural borders. If you grew up having a White Christmas, maybe it’s time to switch over to a summer vibe over in Australia and hang out with kangaroos while finishing your paper.

  • Develop your skills

You never stop learning, and in this tough job market, it is recommended to learn a new skill.

People usually work before going for graduate degree, to get an accurate sense of the field. Some companies will even fund their graduate studies for their research benefits. Only when they figure out they want to hone in a special skill, do they seek higher education. Through intensive levels of research, the students are able to explore a whole new world of career opportunities they have never known about before.

  • Gain industry relevance

As mentioned before, most people usually wait two to five years before pursuing higher education due to initial work experience and financial reasons. Graduate students can learn new skills that will give them renewed confidence to re-enter the competitive job market – possibly giving them edge over the fresh graduates. Your professors are also most likely working in the direct industry you would like to gain knowledge more. When you come into class with a specific question to ask, it will also give you more edge over other students who aren’t as experienced. Your instructors might also be the open door to your career leap, so make sure you get on their good side and get a glowing recommendation letter for future uses.

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