The benefits of taking a TEFL course


Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) or Teaching English as a Second or Other Language (TESOL) is a certification course that is high in demand these days. This is primarily because of the lack of English speaking teachers in countries like China, Japan, and Thailand etc.

While a number of aspiring teachers are of the opinion that TEFL courses are only a prerequisite when it comes to teaching English in other countries, a TEFL certificate definitely offers more opportunity in terms of educating children as well as job accessibility. The course offers training in teaching theories, ESL techniques, the structure of the English Language and skills and system of teaching the English language. It also trains teachers in effective classroom management, teaches them how to make detailed lesson plans, how to motivate students to learn a foreign language, how to use resources and material when teaching etc.

Looking for a teaching job abroad will become easier with such advanced skills and techniques. Moreover, you will most likely be suitable for a higher quality teaching job because of the additional certification. There are a number of advantages for teachers who opt for a TEFL course, such as-

  • Travel and earn- A TEFL certification will offer you the freedom of traveling abroad while teaching at the same time. Thus, you will not only get to explore the world, you can also continue to earn and make a massive difference in the lives of a number of children- all in one package.  
  • Add weight to your resume- A TEFL certification will definitely add to the quality of your resume. Moreover, teaching English abroad is both challenging and extremely fulfilling. It especially offers young teachers experience with teamwork, flexibility and helps them develop skills to motivate and encourage children to learn new languages.

If you return back to your native country at some point, you will definitely have a resume that is impressive and a teaching experience that is diverse.

  • TEFL courses are easily accessible- TEFL certification is available for all, primarily because these courses can be easily taken online or at institutions as well. Online TEFL courses can be as short as 3 weeks and can also extend up to 24 weeks. Moreover, when it comes to taking a TEFL course online, one does not only save money as online courses are cheaper, you can also start applying for a teaching job abroad. A number of individuals take a TEFL course online, while at the same time continue to pursue a full-fledged teachers training course. While others continue earning while acquiring TEFL certification online so that they can save some money and later apply for a teaching job abroad.

After completing a TEFL course one has the freedom of either traveling around the world while teaching or earning money by giving online English classes as well. The certification is accredited and recognized all over the world, making it easier for teachers to get jobs in any country that they travel to.